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How Do I Choose the Best Gecko Breeders?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill

When looking for gecko breeders, it is a good idea to check locally before going elsewhere, and to visit each breeder's home or facility before making any promises for purchase. There is no real way to determine which breeders are reputable and which are not until you get a close look at the lizards each one is selling. To do this, schedule an appointment with any breeders in your area and go for a visit. If you cannot find any gecko breeders in your town, find ones living as close to you as possible.

The main benefit of looking for local gecko breeders is that it ensures the lizards you will be looking at are already acclimated with your local weather conditions and climate. If this is not an option, stay as close to home as possible. Should have to purchase your lizard somewhere far from home, be sure you keep the temperature in your gecko's habitat regulated while traveling from one location to the other. This will help you avoid putting too much stress on the animal.


Once you have found one or more potential breeders, schedule a time when you can go and view the animals they have for sale. When looking the lizards over, you should check for several key health factors. The mouths, eyes, and vents of each gecko should be free of mucus and should be totally clear. You should also handle any gecko you are interested in to make sure it is accustomed to being held and carried by people if that is something you want.

You should check the habitats to ensure that they are clean and that the animals have ample room. Ask plenty of questions to get a feel for the gecko breeders' practices and knowledge level. A reputable breeder will be happy to share information on caring for geckos and the proper ways of breeding them. Ask about the animals' parents and lineage as well.

Next, check the skin of any animal you are considering for lesions or other markings. A healthy lizard will have bright skin without bulges, swelling, or sores. Unhealthy animals may also have labored breathing and they may be underweight or be finicky eaters.

Beware of gecko breeders who refuse to meet at their own homes or breeding facilities. This may mean that they do not want you to see the habitats, unhealthy animals, or unsanitary practices. You should also avoid buying reptiles from pet stores because oftentimes these animals are purchased from dealers who capture and sell wild geckos. These wild lizards are often not socialized and will not make good pets.

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