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How Do I Choose the Best Gas Hedge Clippers?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Gas hedge clippers are useful for trimming hedges and other plant life quickly and easily without having to plug the unit in or work the unit by hand. Choosing the best gas hedge clippers starts with an analysis of how you are likely to use them. Think about how often you will use the clippers, what kind of plants you will be cutting, and how tall the plants are, as you may need to choose a lightweight clipper if you will be lifting the unit high above your head or off a ladder.

Do a bit of research to find what manufacturers are reliable and affordable, then think carefully about what kind of budget you have for purchasing gas hedge clippers. Professional models can get quite expensive, while consumer models tend to have less power but also a lower price tag. The size of the cutting blades will very often dictate the price of the gas hedge clippers; larger blades will be able to cut larger plants as well as smaller plants more quickly, so they tend to be on more expensive models. Smaller blades will be limited in speed as well as in what materials can effectively be cut with them.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Make sure to find out if the manufacturer you are considering buying from offers replacement parts. It is best to find a store nearby that offers sales of accessories or replacement parts, as blades can wear out and other parts will break down after time. Research manufacturer's warranties as well to make sure your unit is covered if it suddenly stops working shortly after purchase. Reputable manufacturers generally make parts available fairly easily, and they will offer a warranty against manufacturer's defects.

Before you buy any gas hedge clippers, be sure to pick the units up to find out how much they weigh and how comfortable they are to handle. Most gas hedge clippers feature two handles: a rear handle with a trigger, and a front handle for stability. Make sure you can lift the clippers and wield them easily, and make sure the trigger is easy to reach and depress. Some models may have an emergency shut-off feature, which is an important safety feature you should look for on any model you are considering. Make sure, too, that the gas tank is easy to access and fill. The unit should feature a brush guard or kickback panel that protects your hands from debris while you are using the unit.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book