How Do I Choose the Best Garden Hose Timer?

Christina Edwards

Choosing a garden hose timer can be a bit confusing for some. You will need a timer that you can set so your hose or sprinkler system turns on and off when you need it to. Although it is usually not a problem, you should also make sure that the timer that you choose will fit on your garden hose. The settings should also be easy to use, and the timer should also be affordable.

An automatic sprinkler.
An automatic sprinkler.

Before purchasing a garden hose timer, you should consider your needs. The timer should turn your hose on when you need it to. While some garden hose timers allow you to turn your hose on every day, some experts recommend looking for a garden hose timer that will turn the water on only once or twice a week.

Some large lawns and gardens are organized in sections with grass and plants that need to be watered at different times. Garden hose timers that allow you to water different sections of a lawn or garden at different times can be convenient in these cases. One timer can be set to water the grass on one side of your yard, for instance, while another timer can be set to water your garden.

Most garden hoses and garden hose timers are manufactured in universal sizes. This means that most garden hose timers will hook into most garden hoses. Many experts, however, still recommend that you make sure the timer that you choose will fit onto your garden hose. In some cases, you may need to buy an adapter, but many stores will also allow you to return a garden hose timer that does not fit.

Some timers may be rather difficult to operate, which can be very frustrating. Make sure that the garden hose timer that you choose is easy to operate. Digital displays may be easier for some, while dials may be easier for. Some displays also have light up LCD screens, but these often drain batteries very quickly and are more expensive than simple timers.

The prices of garden hose timers will often vary greatly, depending on the features. While a quality garden hose timer will usually cost a bit more, it is not usually recommended to spend too much. Before you purchase a garden hose timer, be sure to compare prices in different stores to find the best deal.

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