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How Do I Choose the Best Garbage Disposal Drain?

Paul Scott
Paul Scott

Choosing the best garbage disposal drain can be a daunting task when the huge selection of makes, models, capacities, and designs available are considered. When the time comes to choose a garbage disposal unit, however, there are five basic points one should consider. The first is a choice of continuous or batch feed types which can be critical from a safety perspective. The second and third points are capacity and reverse functions which influence the efficiency of the unit in any given application. Materials and style are the last two points and influence longevity and aesthetic appeal of the garbage disposal drain.

Garbage disposal units are important, not to mention expensive, parts of any kitchen.If they are to give good service for an acceptable time, they deserve a little informed consideration when choices are made. This is not always easy when one looks at the extensive selection of units available. There are, however, five basic points to consider when deciding on a garbage disposal drain which can help in making an informed choice.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

The first is the choice of continuous or batch feed switching modes. A continuous mode unit is controlled by a central switch which means the unit runs as long as it is switched on. A batch feed unit is first filled with waste material; when the cover is put on, it activates the power switch meaning the unit cannot run while the cover is off. This feature makes this type the safer of the two, particularly in homes with small children. Continuous feed models are, however, the more convenient and consequently the more popular garbage disposal drain.

Capacity and reverse functions are also important considerations when choosing a garbage disposal drain. Larger processing capacity and larger motors mean more convenience, quicker disposal cycles, and generally longer life of the unit as a whole. An automatic reverse feature is also a good feature in a garbage disposal drain. Jamming is one of the most common causes of garbage costly disposal failures and one that can be minimized by choosing a model which reverses automatically before starting. These units are generally more expensive but well worth it in the long run.

Two additional points to consider when purchasing a garbage disposal drain are materials and style. Garbage disposal units are exposed to a fairly aggressive mixture of food acids and oxidation which can quickly degrade the working parts of lower quality models. Choosing a garbage disposal unit with high end stainless steel grinder and shredder parts can help ensure a long service life with minimal breakdowns. Style is perhaps the least functional feature of appliances which are broadly considered to purely utilitarian by nature. A quick look at available models will, however, reveal a large selection of sleek, designer units with color coordinated parts which will not only make short work of Monday's meat loaf but look great while doing it.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book