How Do I Choose the Best Frozen Burrito?

G. Wiesen

When considering a frozen burrito, look for the particular ingredients or filling that you prefer and consider reviews or advice from others who have tried them. One aspect of these burritos to consider is the ingredients used within the tortilla, such as different types of meat and cheese or vegetarian varieties. Look at the way in which they can be reheated as well, since you want a frozen burrito that you can properly cook for yourself. There are also reviews that you can find online for different burritos and talking to friends about their preferences can give you more information.

There are many options for frozen burritos at your local grocery store.
There are many options for frozen burritos at your local grocery store.

A frozen burrito is a type of food that is typically prepared for commercial sale, which is kept frozen and then quickly and easily heated before eating. There are many different types of these burritos available, so look for the variety or flavor that you prefer. Consider burritos that have different types of meat fillings, or those with a blend of cheeses. There are also vegetarian varieties, though you should ensure that the beans used in them do not contain lard or other animal products if you prefer a vegetarian lifestyle.

Frozen burritos are reasonably priced.
Frozen burritos are reasonably priced.

As you consider a frozen burrito, look at the way in which you can reheat it. If you know that you need burritos that you can quickly cook in the microwave, then look for those with microwave reheating instructions. Many burritos can be cooked in either a microwave or oven, allowing you to choose the method of heating that you prefer.

There are reviews online that you can use to find the best frozen burrito, though consider that any such review is merely the opinion of one or more people. Your tastes may not match theirs, but these reviews provide you with a good place to start. Asking friends and family can also give you information about different brands and flavors available, to see what people you know have preferred. Fortunately, a frozen burrito is usually quite inexpensive, and so little is lost on trying a new flavor.

You can also make your own burritos and then freeze them, allowing you to reheat them as needed for use through a week. A frozen burrito can be made quite easily, either singly or as part of a larger batch. This allows you to choose ingredients you prefer and make the burrito exactly as you want it prior to freezing. While it may take several hours to prepare a large batch of them, they may be enjoyed for weeks afterward.

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Unless you're a heat fiend, stay strictly away from the ones labeled "X-tra hot." They're not kidding! I thought, "How hot could it be? It's a frozen burrito!" I found out. I'll never make that mistake again! I felt like my mouth was melting! I ate what seemed like a pint of sour cream to tame the heat. And I'm OK with moderately spicy food. This was so hot I could hardly taste it, though. My mouth burned for an hour.


Frozen burritos are usually all right. They don't set the woods on fire, but they're OK. I would definitely heat them in the conventional oven, if at all possible, though. They are OK in the microwave, but that's all they are. They are much better when they're oven baked. The tortilla gets a nice crispness and it isn't gummy, like it can be coming from the microwave.

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