How Do I Choose the Best Freezer Thermostat?

Andrew Kirmayer

A thermostat controls the temperature of any heating or cooling system. Choosing the right freezer thermostat is essential; foods stored at cool temperatures need to remain frozen or else they may spoil. It is generally important to consider the temperature range of the unit. Each thermostat usually activates within a range of a few degrees above or below the desired temperature. Some also have manual or automatic defrost features, and there is also the reliability of the model and the manufacturer to consider.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Depending on the refrigerator model, there are generally a few types of thermostats to choose from. One is a device that can trigger a defrost cycle by pressing a button. This button is often red and is near the control knob on a mechanical thermostat. Some models don’t have this function at all and therefore come without a push button. An automatic freezer thermostat activates a defrost heater which can melt ice that accumulates inside the freezer.

You can also choose the best freezer thermostat based on what temperatures are needed. Devices for a commercial refrigerator often need to keep the contents cool at lower temperatures, in tighter ranges. A home thermostat might not need the same capacity, depending on what is being stored in the freezer. Most types can activate at a few degrees above or below the set temperature; the best freezer thermostat sometimes depends on keeping certain foods within a specific temperature range. Food can be kept from spoiling or becoming filled with bacteria.

Freezer temperature control can be accomplished with a mechanical or electronic thermostat. A mechanical device usually includes dials and controls for the heat and fan. All of the functions of an electronic unit are typically managed by push buttons, with the settings readable on a digital screen. Sometimes this choice depends on personal preference, but can also be a matter of what is compatible with the refrigerator model. Factors that can affect what thermostat to use are if there is a defrost heater or not, or there are specific types of connections.

As with most products, the best freezer thermostat can also be chosen based on the reputation of the manufacturer. It often helps to read reviews of specific thermostat models online. You might have to use the same model that is being replaced. There are often a variety of choices that can contribute to a more efficient freezer.

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