How do I Choose the Best Free Alcohol Rehab?

Christina Edwards

Alcohol rehabilitation centers are often one of the most effective treatment options for alcoholism, though, unfortunately, they can also cost thousands of dollars. Individuals with no insurance to cover alcohol treatment centers can find free alcohol rehab include local rehabilitation centers, government-funded programs, religious groups, and some universities. Choosing the best of these generally requires discovering which facilities in your area offer services to low-income patients, getting paperwork together to prove you qualify for their services, and being prepared to demonstrate you are committed to receiving treatment.

Most 12-step programs for alcoholics are free.
Most 12-step programs for alcoholics are free.

When searching for free alcohol rehab, check with local drug and alcohol treatment centers. Although they may not announce it, many of these facilities have a limited number of free spots dedicated for individuals who can prove a financial need. Sometimes these spots are financed by private donations, and sometimes the federal or state government will pay for them.

Questions asked during an alcohol screening often focus on the social, legal, and personal costs of drinking.
Questions asked during an alcohol screening often focus on the social, legal, and personal costs of drinking.

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Both state and federal governments also run free alcohol rehab facilities. Individuals who wish to check into these facilities must usually demonstrate a financial need. Often, like with private facilities, there are a limited number of spots available. Typically, those who demonstrate both serious medical and need, will be chosen to fill these spots first. Some of these government rehabilitation programs may require a referral from either a medical professional or a court.

Many religious groups, such as churches, also offer free alcohol rehab. Using these services, however, may require an individual to embrace the spiritual aspects of that particular faith, which is often used as part of the treatment. These types of free alcohol rehab programs are usually funded by charitable contributions.

Although it may be a long shot, some universities may be another place to look when searching for free alcohol rehab. Patients are usually offered free drug and alcohol rehabilitation to give the university's students a chance to practice different methods of therapy and rehabilitation. These students are often strictly monitored by licensed physicians or professors, and graded on their work.

Most facilities that offer free alcohol rehab may require that an individual prove he wants to get help. This ensures that money and time is not wasted on an individual who does not actually want to recover from his addiction. Many of these types of places will require that an individual follow a certain set of rules or guidelines before being admitted.

Staying clean before being admitted to the treatment program, for example, is usually one of these rules. This usually means a patient must pass a urine test proving he has not used drugs or alcohol. Some free alcohol rehabilitation centers may even require that an individual check in daily. Additionally, joining a 12-step program, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, can also greatly increase a person's chances of getting free alcohol rehab.

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