How Do I Choose the Best Flat Iron for Curly Hair?

Kristeen Moore

A flat iron for curly hair is one of the best methods to straighten your locks. When shopping for this particular heated tool, you should look for specific plate sizes that are the most appropriate for your hair length. The best irons also come with heat settings, and you should choose a higher one based on your curls. A ceramic flat iron for curly hair is generally more effective than metal versions because they straighten strands faster, all while causing less damage. In order to minimize damage from using flat irons, you should spray on a heat protectant beforehand.

Woman with curly hair.
Woman with curly hair.

The first step in choosing a flat iron is to pick the appropriate plate width for your hair. Larger plates tend to work well for curly hair, but the best kind that you can choose is also dependent on how long your locks are. An iron with 1-inch (2.5-cm) plates are usually sufficient for short hair, while larger ones of up to 2 inches (5.1 centimeters) work best for longer curls.

Flat irons that use ceramic plates are best for straightening curly hair.
Flat irons that use ceramic plates are best for straightening curly hair.

Another important feature of a quality flat iron is a heat setting tool. Some heat setters are digital while others are dials, and the one that you choose depends on your personal preference. Also, you should select an iron that has a heat setting of up to 410° Fahrenheit (210° Celsius). The exact setting that you pick ultimately depends on how curly your hair is, but you will generally want to use more heat for these types of locks.

Ceramic plates are the best varieties to look for when you purchase a flat iron for curly hair. Although such tools are more expensive than those made with metal plates, ceramic is gentler on your hair in the long-run. Not only does the ceramic take in heat evenly so that your hair is straightened quicker, but this process will also decrease the incidence of having to repeatedly use the iron on a particular section, ultimately decreasing your risk of damage. Spending more money on a quality flat iron for curly hair upfront will likely save you from repairing your strands in the long-run.

Even if you use a ceramic type of flat iron for curly hair, your locks are still susceptible to damage from the repeated use of the heated tool. In order to minimize such a risk, you should use a heat protecting spray prior to straightening your hair. For the best results, spray each section as you use the iron. Salons and beauty supply shops sell such sprays, and many have moisturizing ingredients that are specifically designed for curly hair. You might also consider blow drying your hair with a straightening cream prior to using the flat iron.

Hair salons will often sell professional quality flat irons.
Hair salons will often sell professional quality flat irons.

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