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How Do I Choose the Best Flat Bread Maker?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

A flat bread maker can help you save money over purchasing flatbread from the store. When you are choosing a bread machine, you may want to know if the device will also make other foods. It can be helpful to buy a compact bread maker that comes with an instruction manual and recipe book so you will know how to use it. Check to see how easy the parts are to clean, so you will not buy a machine that is difficult to maintain.

Knowing what you plan to use your flat bread maker for can help you make a decision. When choosing a bread machine, it can be helpful to know if you would also like to make other things such as burritos, tortillas, and wraps. If this is the case, you may want to ask a sales representative if the bread machine you are considering can be used to make these things as well.

Some flat bread makers can also make things like burritos.
Some flat bread makers can also make things like burritos.

Using a flat bread maker can require you to learn about the different parts of the machine and how the settings work. The best way to become familiar with these things is by reading the owner's manual, which is included with the bread machine. If possible, look at this book to see how easy it is to read and understand; if it also contains a diagram of the various parts, this could also be useful. Check to see if there is a section for troubleshooting common problems so you can easily diagnose them should they occur.

Making bread in a bread machine can be very different than baking it in an oven. For this reason, it is helpful if the flat bread maker also contains a recipe book. Look for one that tells you how to make flat bread from different types of flour so you will be able to have a variety. If the machine also makes tortillas or wraps, check to see if the recipe booklet contains instructions for making these as well.

Many times, a flat bread maker can be cleaned by wiping it down with a damp cloth both inside and out. Reading the instruction manual can give you advice as to the best way to maintain your bread machine, so you should check this book first before buying. Avoid purchasing a bread maker that requires you to disassemble the machine in order to clean it, as this could be time-consuming and difficult to do.

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@heavanet- Check at local pawn shops for a good buy on a flat bread maker. Quite often, pawn shops have a wide range of items for sale, including kitchen appliances. The staff also checks out these items to make sure they work before they sell them, so you should be able to find a working flat bread maker at a fraction of the cost that you would pay for a new one.


@heavanet- Flat bread makers can be found in kitchen supply shops and in the kitchen and appliance section of many retail stores. These places frequently offer all kinds of sales and special promotions, so it is best to wait for these offers before you make your purchase.

You can check with your favorite store to find out what types of sales are coming up, or look in your local newspaper for sales advertisements. You can also look online for special Internet shopping deals and coupons so you can save money on your purchase.


I like to make breads and tortilla chips on a flat bread maker, but I don't have one of my own. I use my sister's flat bread maker when I need to, but I would like to get my own. I don't make these foods very often, so I don't want to spend a lot of money on the appliance. Does anyone have any thoughts about how I can find an inexpensive flat bread maker?

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    • Some flat bread makers can also make things like burritos.
      By: Jiri Hera
      Some flat bread makers can also make things like burritos.