How Do I Choose the Best File Cabinet Labels?

A. Leverkuhn

To choose the best file cabinet labels, shoppers should evaluate the overall quality of the products and how they will fit with a particular cabinet’s style, shape, and size. Many different kinds of labels are available for identifying what’s in a file cabinet drawer, and careful selection will help outfit an office better. Those who need to set up file storage quickly and efficiently can use these types of products to their advantage.

It is important to determine the size of labels to make sure they will fit into provided label holders for the cabinet.
It is important to determine the size of labels to make sure they will fit into provided label holders for the cabinet.

One of the first things to consider with file cabinet labels is how well they fit into provided label holders for a cabinet. Easily cropped labels can be presented in a one-size-fits-all solution. Others should be custom-made to fit a specific label holder, especially when that file cabinet hardware is made of solid metal or other rigid materials.

Consumers can also evaluate how labels get printed. Some of the best file cabinet labels are made through thermal printing, where a small and efficient hand held printer creates durable text that won’t wear away easily. Some offices can also benefit from pre-made labels that are shipped already printed. These options allow for labels that won’t smudge or wear away over time, where some lower-tech methods can produce an inferior result that might not last.

Some of the best file cabinet labels are also sold in kits. These kits can include a handheld printer, as well as power cables, or batteries. A quick reference card and operations manual often help users to get set up quickly. A carrying case can protect the whole kit from damage when the project involves a large office or multiple locations.

Shoppers can also consider additional features for file cabinet labels to get the best options for their storage facilities. Magnetic file cabinet labels are useful accessories for metal cabinets, where versatility can help project managers implement labeling. Lamination or additional protection for labels is also part of the best product design for these items.

Overall, the file cabinet labels need to fit their use. It’s also necessary to analyze the size of labels to make sure that what is being printed on them will fit legibly. This requires knowledge of whether the file system will be alphabetic, chronological, or in some other format. For some corporate projects, branding or the addition of specific logos and slogans may also apply to choices for those shopping for labels for file cabinets.

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