How Do I Choose the Best Fabric Cornice?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky
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Woman posing

Window treatments can play a big role in making a space attractive and welcoming, and choosing a fabric cornice will add another layer to your window treatments to give them more depth. It makes sense to choose a fabric cornice that not only looks great but one that is also low maintenance, so it will continue to look nice for a long time to come.

To achieve the best look, much will depend on your taste and current décor. A fabric cornice can be used to add a burst of color, contrast, or texture to the setting or it can be used to further a monochromatic theme, by adding an addition block of the predominant color. You can also add interest by incorporating the main color in a more pronounced shade, or one that isn’t quite as strong as the original color. The cornice design will also likely play a role in the type of fabric you choose. An elaborate design tends to work better with a solid or subdued color while a plain design may work better with a print or bolder color.

Size is also a consideration when choosing a fabric cornice, to ensure that it not only works well with other items in the space but also that it fits the window and effectively hides other window treatment hardware. Size will also be important when deciding on colors and patterns. A cornice should be an adornment that helps beautify the space. A large piece may look out of place with loud patterns or colors but may fit in perfectly with a subtle print or a coordinating or even a neutral tone.

A fabric cornice gives your window treatments a more pulled-together, finished look. Adding a cornice can also help create the illusion of larger windows. Choose a cornice that is a bit wider than the window and place it a bit higher. This will allow you to add longer, wider, curtains or drapes to create a more dramatic look.

You can dust or vacuum a fabric cornice, as well as doing some spot cleaning for touch-ups. You may also want to consider choosing a fabric cornice that is treated for stain resistance, or perhaps you may wish to apply a stain resistant product to the fabric yourself. Such treatments will make removing dust and spot cleaning easier and help keep your window treatments looking great longer.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing