How Do I Choose the Best Eyeliner Set?

B. Miller

To choose the best eyeliner set, consider what you are looking for, and whether or not the set is a good value. For instance, if you want a number of different colors of eyeliner, or if you want a mixture of waterproof and regular eyeliners, then selecting an eyeliner set specifically for this purpose is a good idea. Consider also the type of eyeliner you prefer to use, whether it is liquid or pencil eyeliner, because this will affect the set you purchase. If you are purchasing a set as a gift for a teenager, you may want to look for a set specifically designed for teens, which usually includes pencil eyeliner rather than liquid because it is easier to apply.

Eyeliner pencil may be used to create a bold, dramatic look for the eyes.
Eyeliner pencil may be used to create a bold, dramatic look for the eyes.

When choosing an eyeliner set, it may be best to go with a familiar and favored brand. If you don't know which brands are best, doing some quick research online and reading reviews can help to narrow it down. Many people publish reviews after using certain cosmetics, which can give clues as to how long the products last, if they go on smoothly or leave smudges, or if they are made with hypoallergenic or natural ingredients, for example. Hypoallergenic eyeliner, or eyeliner that is simply designed for sensitive eyes, is a good bet for many people.

Next consider the type of products included in the set. Liquid eyeliner is longer lasting, particularly in waterproof versions, and gives a more severe line. It is also much more difficult to apply. Pencil eyeliner is easier to apply and gives a softer look to the eyes; it is also available in waterproof versions as well. An eyeliner set may contain a few different versions, such as a liquid and a pencil eyeliner in regular and waterproof types. In general, unless you know that you need waterproof eyeliner for a specific reason, it is best to wear regular because it is easier to remove without tugging on the delicate skin of the eyes.

Often, an eyeliner set will also contain eyeliners in a number of different colors. The most traditional colors include black, brown, and a dark charcoal gray; however, navy blue, dark green, or even dark purple can sometimes look nice around the eyes and really make certain colors pop. For teens, pastels or brighter colors might be included in an eyeliner set for a more dramatic look. If you are purchasing a set for yourself, sampling some different colors first, if possible, may be a good idea.

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