How Do I Choose the Best Eyelash Extension Courses?

Judith Smith Sullivan
Judith Smith Sullivan
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Choosing the best eyelash extension courses depends on your needs and goals. There are many ways to receive training — from seminars and workshops to private instruction. The best course will fit your schedule and your budget while providing hands on instruction and immediate feedback.

The best eyelash extension courses will discuss topics relevant to your work as a stylist while giving you hands-on experience applying lashes and tips for marketing your services in your area. You will also have time to ask questions and receive feedback on your work from an expert. By the end of the course, you should be prepared to start or expand your own business with eyelash extension services.

At the end of the course, you should receive a certification of completion. Many companies will not allow you to use their eyelash extension products without certification regardless of your experience. Standardized training helps ensure that clients receive the best service and are satisfied with each visit.

Many eyelash extension courses are offered by companies which sell false eyelashes. The most common type of training is through a workshop seminar. It usually lasts one to three days. These workshops are typically held in large cities, so you may have to travel to attend one.

Some companies also offer private or in-salon training. This is especially useful if there are no eyelash extension courses offered in your area. This is a good option if you are the owner of a salon and wish to have multiple employees take eyelash extension courses.

The cost of training seminars can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, depending on the company. To determine how much you should spend, calculate how long it will take you to earn back your investment. Some companies recommend charging hundreds of dollars per application, so that it only takes five to ten appointments to cover the cost of the training. If you have a small clientele or know that your area would not support such an expensive service, you are better off choosing the least expensive training available.

If you have already received training as an eyelash stylist, you may be eligible for advance eyelash application courses. These courses cover topics like applying lashes on the bottom lash, using special effects, and additional guidance in marketing. Regardless of your level of skill, most eyelash extension courses require you to have a license as a cosmetologist or esthetician.

There are some instructional videos available, but they do not offer the best eyelash extension courses. Although they may help you understand the basic process of applying eyelash extensions, videos do not include hands-on experience. Even when you do practice the skills from the video, you will not receive feedback from an instructor on your technique nor will you be able to get answers to your questions. The same is true for online courses.

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