How do I Choose the Best Eyebrow Threading Salon?

Lainie Petersen

When looking for an eyebrow threading salon, you should first ensure that its employees are qualified to perform eyebrow threading and that you find the salon to be a comfortable place in which to undergo the procedure of eyebrow shaping. Other considerations include the skill of the aesthetician or cosmetologist who performs the threading as well as the price of the salon services and its overall convenience. You may also be concerned about whether the salon offers other services, including eyebrow and eyelash tinting, manicures, or other beauty services.

Eyebrow threading employs a double-stranded thread moving in a twisting motion to uproot the unwanted hair.
Eyebrow threading employs a double-stranded thread moving in a twisting motion to uproot the unwanted hair.

An eyebrow threading salon is a salon that offers the option of having your eyebrows arched using the threading technique. Hair and eyebrows threading are ancient methods of hair removal that rely on the use of twisted thread to pull out hairs from their roots. Many individuals prefer threading to other methods of hair removal, as it does not involve the use of waxes or chemicals, but is much quicker then manual plucking. Not all salons offer eyebrow threading, so it is always a good idea to call ahead to find out if threading is on their menu of services.

In many jurisdictions, eyebrow threading along with other cosmetic services are regulated by law. Typically, someone who performs hair removal must hold some kind of license from a government agency. In the United States, typically a person must hold either a cosmetologist's or an aesthetician's license in order to engage in the practice of eyebrow threading. Be sure to find out whether the eyebrow threading salon that you are considering employs appropriately licensed cosmetologists and aestheticians to perform hair removal services. The law may also require the eyebrow threading salon itself to be licensed and pass an inspection by the local health department. In many cases, salons will display appropriate licenses and certificates in public view.

To try and judge the quality of a particular eyebrow threading salon's work, you may simply want to visit the salon for another service and evaluate eyebrows of other customers and employees. Another option is to ask a friend or coworker who has great eyebrows where they get their brows done and if the salon offers the threading method. You may want to visit a salon prior to making an appointment for an eyebrow arching. If you do this, you can look around the salon and see if it appears to be clean and well managed. You can also ask if they perform other beauty services that you might be interested in, as this can represent time savings if you can go to just one salon for routine cosmetic maintenance.

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