How Do I Choose the Best Exfoliating Lotion?

Emily Espinoza

To choose the best exfoliating lotion, you need to consider what part of your body you want to use it on, how frequently you would like to use it, and what additional features you would like in a lotion. Lotions are usually formulated for a specific part of the body, and exfoliating lotions are no exception. The ingredients will differ according to where it is meant to be used and also how often is meant to be used. Exfoliating lotion is good for cleaning off dead skin cells and renewing the look of the skin, but most of them also have additional benefits that you should know about and consider.

Exfoliating lotion for hands has a rough texture to treat thick skin.
Exfoliating lotion for hands has a rough texture to treat thick skin.

Exfoliating lotions have a rough ingredient that is meant to scrub the skin, and the amount of this exfoliating ingredient that is in the lotion determines where on the body it can be used. A lotion that is meant for the face should have gentler ingredients and a finer texture so that it doesn't irritate the delicate skin of the face. An exfoliating lotion that is meant for your hands or feet needs to have a rougher texture so that it will effectively slough off the thicker skin of these areas. There are also some lotions that can be used over the entire body and have a medium texture so that they are appropriate for multiple types of skin.

Another factor in how potent your exfoliating lotion should be is how often you want to use it. If you are looking for a lotion to use as an exfoliating treatment every once in a while, then you should look for a rougher lotion. If you want something for everyday use, you need to make sure that the lotion you get is gentle enough to not make your skin raw with daily use. Pay attention to the information on the packaging of your lotion, as most products will tell you how they are meant to be used.

Just like other types of lotion, exfoliating lotion comes in several different varieties, which usually provide some additional benefits. Think about whether there are any features that you like in a lotion, such as oil control, sun protection, or extra moisturizing. Another feature to think about is the fragrance of the lotion. Some people enjoy a strong fragrance, while others need a formulation that is more compatible with sensitive skin. Think about what skin type you have and what features you would pick in any other kind of lotion and look for those attributes in your exfoliating lotion.

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