How do I Choose the Best Eviction Attorney?

Felicia Dye

When choosing an eviction attorney, you may want to begin by assessing his experience in this area of law. If you feel an individual is worth consideration, you should schedule a consultation with him. Make sure the individual that you choose portrays genuine dedication to representing your best interest. Also, try to avoid having price or pressure make the decision for you.

A notice of eviction posted on an apartment door.
A notice of eviction posted on an apartment door.

Do not merely consider the amount of experience when choosing an eviction attorney. It also is important to consider the type of experience he has. An eviction attorney may be able to honestly say that he has been practicing for twenty years, but it may be found that much of that time was spent concentrating on other areas of the law. The best eviction attorneys typically will have years of experience working directly with eviction law.

Some lawyers offer free phone consultations regarding eviction cases.
Some lawyers offer free phone consultations regarding eviction cases.

It may also be beneficial to determine whether he has spent most of his time representing the plaintiff or the defense. If he is most experienced on the opposing side, that may provide him some advantage since he will have a good idea of how the case will be presented. He may be able to use this prior knowledge to better develop strategies and tactics to help you win your case.

When choosing an eviction attorney, it can be beneficial to select someone who is local. To get the matter settled in a timely manner generally requires the timely involvement of several people, such as court clerks and deputies. When you have a local eviction attorney, he is likely to be well acquainted with the individuals in these roles. Getting an attorney from an eviction firm can also give you an advantage because the firm may have extensive experience against the party you are opposing.

It may be helpful to take advantage of free consultations, but recognize that if you have to pay it may be worth it. Do not feel pressured into having anyone represent you without being confident that he can do the job. Meet with numerous lawyers if you feel the need — you need someone who is serious about your welfare and will be attentive to you and your case.

Remember that going with the biggest name and highest price are not always the best strategies for choosing an eviction attorney. If you feel that your choice is being influenced by limited financial resources and you do not feel that any of the attorneys in your price range are suitable, contact your community's legal assistance program. You may get access to better options.

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