How do I Choose the Best Ergonomic Mouse Pad?

Anna T.

When you are shopping for an ergonomic mouse pad, you should look for one that has a wrist rest made of material that feels comfortable to your skin. Ergonomic mouse pads vary in type and size, and you might want to try several out before choosing one. The best mouse pad for one person may not feel comfortable to you and vice versa. When you're trying to choose the best ergonomic mouse pad, it might be best to visit an actual store rather than purchasing one online. If you visit a store, you will probably be able to test the pad out to ensure that it's a good fit for your wrist.

A person who does not use an ergonomic mouse pad while working on the computer may be inadvertabtly causing harm to his or her wrist.
A person who does not use an ergonomic mouse pad while working on the computer may be inadvertabtly causing harm to his or her wrist.

When mouse pads were first invented, most of them were just flat and square. These original mouse pads were not designed to be comfortable for the user, and instead served no other purpose apart from acting as a surface for roller ball mouses, which were the norm at the time. With the invention of the optical mouse, many people stopped using mouse pads altogether. Mouse pads continue to be available for sale, but have evolved so that they might make computer use more comfortable for people who must spend long hours working in front of one. If you do not use an ergonomic mouse pad while you work, you might want to consider investing in one because your wrist may not be getting the support it needs.

Ergonomic mouse pads may feature supports for the wrist.
Ergonomic mouse pads may feature supports for the wrist.

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The ideal ergonomic mouse pad will have wrist support at the base, which typically looks like a small raised area at the lower end of the mouse pad. In general, the height of the raised area typically will not exceed 1 to 1.5 inches (2.5 to 3.8 cm), which should be high enough to provide adequate support for the average person's wrist. Another thing that has an impact on the quality of an ergonomic mouse pad is what it is made of, particularly the wrist support area. Some wrist supports are made of memory foam, while others might be made of silicone gel. Both of these substances are typically soft enough to be comfortable while still giving your wrist the necessary support.

In addition to adequate wrist support and the material the mouse pad is made from, the best ergonomic mouse pads are slightly angled. This is because when most people use their mouse, their hand might tend to angle slightly toward the right. Ergonomic mouse pads are typically designed to accommodate the natural angling of the hand as it uses the mouse. Additionally, ergonomic mouse pads come in a variety of different colors and sizes, so selecting the perfect one for your needs should be fairly simple.

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I prefer the gel wrist rest. I like the way it gives under my wrist and supports it, as well as keeps it parallel to the desk, without allowing it to bend at an awkward angle.

I'm on a computer 10 hours a day for work, at least, and a gel mouse pad really helped minimize my wrist fatigue and pain. The only thing that helps more is using a trackball instead of a traditional mouse. That took some getting used to, but I really like it now. I still use a mouse and gel mouse pad rest at home.

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