How Do I Choose the Best Equine Supplements?

K. K. Lowen

When choosing equine supplements, there are a number of factors that could play a role in making the best decisions. The main purpose of the supplements is perhaps the most important aspect because horses may need supplements for a variety of reasons. Other big considerations for equine supplements include safety and price.

Equine supplements should be used to treat specific conditions.
Equine supplements should be used to treat specific conditions.

There are many different types of equine supplements, and each kind may be used for varying reasons. When choosing supplements, it is vital that you pick the right ones because the wrong supplements can worsen the problems you are trying to treat. In some cases, a horse can become very sick or even die after receiving the wrong supplements. For this reason, consultation with a veterinarian or specialized horse doctor can be useful before beginning your search for the right supplements.

A veterinarian or a specialized horse doctor can help you find the best equine supplements.
A veterinarian or a specialized horse doctor can help you find the best equine supplements.

Many people give their horses supplements to complement or enhance nutrition. It is important to examine a horse’s diet to determine the kinds of vitamins and minerals the animal might not be getting from its regular food. Some people even have the hay, or other food that they feed their horse, scientifically analyzed to learn exactly what nutrients a horse is receiving. If certain minerals and vitamins are lacking in a horse’s diet, the owner or caregiver can then seek out specific supplements to complement those found in the animal’s regular food.

It is important, however, to ensure that you only give the horse the proper amount of nutritional supplement. Make sure the supplement does not contain other additional vitamins or minerals that a horse is already getting from its regular diet because it can be unhealthy to give a horse too much of something. It is wise to inspect labels with care before making any purchase, and you may want to get a veterinarian’s recommendation if the supplement contains a small amount of a nutrient that your horse does not need.

Some equine supplements are completely natural, while other may be scientific or medical compounds. It is vital that you read all of the instructions and other information included with supplements to ensure that they are safe for your horse. Depending on the breed, age, weight, and health status of your animal, you may want to use only a certain type of compound.

Equine supplements can serve a number of purposes, such as improved nutrition, weight gain, skin and coat care, digestion improvement, joint inflammation, or immune system strengthening. Whatever the purpose of the equine supplements, it is important to observe the behavior of a horse after giving it supplements. If the horse reacts negatively or the problems that the supplements are targeting do not change or get worse, you may need to stop giving the horse the supplement or switch to another type.

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