How do I Choose the Best Ephedrine Supplements?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill
A doctor or pharmacist can recommend a good ephedrine supplement.
A doctor or pharmacist can recommend a good ephedrine supplement.

To choose the best ephedrine supplements, you should begin by speaking with your doctor, pharmacist, or dietitian. Not all supplements are effective or safe, and combining a stimulant weight loss aid with other medications or supplements can be dangerous or life-threatening. You should also remember that choosing to use an ephedrine supplement does not guarantee weight loss, and it is advised that you use diet and exercise to maintain a healthy weight long-term.

Ephedrine supplements can often be found online and in some pharmacies. Although the safety of using ephedrine-based weight loss pills has been called into question, they can help patients lose weight. They work by speeding up the metabolism and suppressing appetite, thus helping the body burn more calories than normal. To choose the safest and most effective ephedrine supplements, it is important you find a reputable store with someone who is knowledgeable about weight loss supplements to help you.

Never buy ephedrine supplements or any potentially harmful medications from an online dealer unless you know they are affiliated with a pharmacy or have a proven track record for reliability. Sometimes medications and supplements purchased online are not pure and may contain more or less of the active ingredient than listed. In some cases, harmful additional ingredients may also be added. If you order online, make sure you are choosing a site with a clean history and a knowledgeable staff, preferably a licensed pharmacist for strong substances like ephedrine.

There are two main types of ephedrine supplement. The first is naturally derived from the plant “ephedra” and does not have to be as closely monitored as synthetically derived ephedrine, or ephedrine hydrochloride (HCl). Ephedrine HCl includes drug facts on the label, and is likely the safer choice since you will have a better idea of how much of the supplement you are actually getting. Natural ingredients, since they cannot be legally labeled as “treatments” and priced the same as man-made ones, do not contain the strict guidelines for purity and safety as most drugs.

Only take any ephedrine supplement as directed by the label or your pharmacist or doctor. Taking more than recommended could have serious consequences for your health. It is not recommended that you take ephedrine for long periods of time. Since it is a stimulant, ephedrine has been linked to heart failure and other serious health complications. In some cases, life-threatening conditions may arise even when ephedrine is taken as directed.

As a general rule, diet and exercise should be the main components in obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight. Supplements, including ephedrine, should only be used in extreme cases when weight loss is stalled or when significant amounts of weight must be lost. As with all drugs and weight loss plans, ephedrine supplements should be used under the direct supervision of your doctor.

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Ephedra has a lot of side effects and it contains compounds other than ephedrine that give people problems. Ephedrine has side effects too but it's not as potent as ephedra, so I think that it's slightly safer. But they will both cause issues if they're taken too much or along with other stimulants.


@literally45-- I know people who buy ephedrine online or from Canada to use while training or body building. They use it to lose fat more quickly and to have more energy for training. I think most athletes know the dangers of ephedrine very well, but it's still popular because it works. I'm sure if there was a safer alternative, people would switch over to that.

I think that regardless of how much we warn people about this herb, it's still going to be used. So we're better off warning them about over-dosing or using poor quality products with contaminants.


I don't think anyone should be taking ephedrine supplements. It's not possible to buy ephedrine products for weight loss anymore anyway because they have been banned. Those pills are dangerous and a lot of people got sick from them in the 2000s when they were available over-the-counter.

It is possible to get ephedrine behind-the-counter but it's only approved for use as a nasal decongestant, not as a stimulant for energy or weight loss.

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    • A doctor or pharmacist can recommend a good ephedrine supplement.
      A doctor or pharmacist can recommend a good ephedrine supplement.