How Do I Choose the Best Enzyme Peel?

Jennifer Leigh

An enzyme peel helps to accelerate the natural exfoliation process of the skin by dissolving dirt and oil that reside on its surface. The enzymes generally come from natural sources such as fruits and vegetables and the peels come in mask form. When choosing an enzyme peel, it is important to find one that does not irritate your skin, as some peels cause reactions in certain people. Budget is also a consideration as is the effectiveness of the peel. The enzyme concentration will also affect your choice in this skincare product because that will determine the price, efficiency and possible irritation factor.

Enzymes are sometimes extracted from barley.
Enzymes are sometimes extracted from barley.

Enzymes come from fruits and other sources, such as barley, pineapples and papayas, to help your skin naturally exfoliate and rejuvenate. Certain people might experience irritation caused by a certain enzyme peel, so try to test it out on a small surface area before using it on your entire face. It is important to choose a peel that works well with your personal body chemistry. An enzyme peel is generally a good choice for those with sensitive skin because it is less irritating than other procedures such as a chemical peel.

Enzyme peels are less irritating than chemical peels.
Enzyme peels are less irritating than chemical peels.

The cost of an enzyme peel is another major consideration because skincare products range in price considerably. Choose an enzyme peel of the best quality that you can afford for the best treatment of your face. Good quality enzyme peels will provide a lot of information on the packaging about how concentrated they are, the ingredients being used and if there are other exfoliating items in the peel, such as acids, that might affect your skin. If this type of information is not included, choose a different peel.

A major deciding factor when picking an enzyme peel is how well it works. If you use it for a few weeks and do not notice that your skin feels softer and looks brighter, then you are not getting the full benefits of a peel and it is time to try something new. The only method for this is trial and error, as some skincare products work better on certain people than others. You should notice a reduction in acne, fine lines and small wrinkles and the lightening of darker spots on the skin. Pores should begin to look smaller and redness should be gradually reduced if the peel is the best choice for your skin type.

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