How Do I Choose the Best Endodontic Specialists?

YaShekia King

An endodontic specialist is a doctor who performs root canal therapy. Root canals are procedures in which a doctor tries to save teeth that have been injured or that have experienced decay or infection. In addition, an endodontist can perform root end surgeries, called apicoectomies. Endodontists must complete four years of dental school followed by two to three years of specialty training. To choose the best endodontic specialist, you should seek referrals from doctors and family members, as well as conduct research on different specialists prior to meeting with them.

A brief consultation with an prospective endodontic specialist will provide treatment plan details and cost estimates.
A brief consultation with an prospective endodontic specialist will provide treatment plan details and cost estimates.

General dentists often refer you to an endodontist if they complete an oral exam on you and discover a tooth situation that requires a root canal. For this reason, one way to choose the best endodontic specialist is to rely on your general dentist to refer you to one whom he or she feels is reputable and competent. Family dentists typically have strong working relationships with nearby dentists in a wide range of specialties, including endodontic specialists.

You additionally can select a solid root canal doctor by asking family, friends, and co-workers about their experiences with a local endodontist. A root canal is one dental procedure that many patients fear and try to avoid, but, if you have an acquaintance who had a relatively good experience with a particular doctor, that doctor could be a suitable choice for your treatment as well. Family members and friends generally will be honest with you about their experience with certain endodontic specialists and can give you an idea of what to expect before, during, and following the procedure.

Researching information about root canals additionally will prepare you to find a doctor who is capable of performing these types of procedures. For instance, by performing online research or visiting various endodontists’ web sites, you should learn how the procedure works and be able to ask potential endodontic specialists specific questions about your own situation to test their knowledge of the field and gauge their level of confidence with your particular case. You can find potential endodontic specialists by visiting online directories or by searching in a phone book.

Choosing a strong endodontist to perform treatment on you also requires that you visit him or her for a consultation to find out exactly what the doctor will do, how long the procedure will take, and what the procedure will cost. You should meet with multiple endodontic specialists to see which ones answer your questions best and make you feel the most comfortable. In addition, this will allow you to check out their offices, as they should have the latest industry technologies available such as microscopes or digital X-ray machines. You also can ask to see each professional’s license, which is required to practice as a dentist.

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