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How Do I Choose the Best Emergency Medicine Program?

Vanessa Harvey
Vanessa Harvey

Choosing the best emergency medicine program requires consideration of several things. Candidates for emergency medicine programs often take into account the reputations of schools offering programs, the rigor of those programs, and their alignment with regional and national standards. In addition, more individual concerns like class size, location, internship opportunities, and instructional diversity can also be useful measures for eavluating emergency medicine programs. The best emergency medicine program for you will offer a balanced opportunity that suits your needs, helping you to adapt to the program to your goals without requiring you to sacrifice priorities of concern to you.

The reputation of an emergency medicine program can usually be discovered simply by considering the opinion of graduates of the school. Current and former students might be people you encounter as you begin your inquiries, especially if the emergency medicine program you are considering is local. If the program is not local, you might want to do an Internet search to see what feedback by current and former students has been published. Never completely trust claims about quality of the program made by the training institution itself; rather, take the time to speak with someone at the school to see if they are willing to answer your questions.


It can be important to look at what classes are available in each program in order to decide which is best for you. Commonly, courses will be deliberately aligned to regional and national certification requirements, making it easy to ensure that you receive the necessary training to make yours a competitive application. Consider what opportunities for advising from faculty or for internship programs will be available to you. This can help ensure that you will be eligible for and properly trained to pass written and practical exams for certification and licensure.

Small class size can be a significant advantage, particularly when it comes time for hands-on skill practice. The chance to practice skills such as taking an accurate blood pressure, splinting a fractured bone or working with an advanced airway can be essential to preparing yourself for a position in emergency medical services. Finding classes near your home or work can make taking advantage of perks of your emergency medicine program much easier.

When selecting an emergency medicine program, finances can be a real concern. Some programs, such as those offered by state universities in the US, can be more affordable than those offered by private colleges. The option of taking some online classes can also be an economical one. Financial interests can't be totally measured by tuition costs, though. A school with strong job placement assistance may demonstrate a strong ability to help students reap the benefits of their education financially.

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