How do I Choose the Best Electric Wall Oven?

Patti Kate

To choose the most practical and efficient electric wall oven, determine what your basic needs are and what features you prefer in your oven. The next important step is deciding where to purchase your oven. The size of the oven and wall space you have should also be considered. Installation may also be a factor in making your ultimate choice in an electric wall oven.

Price is a key consideration when choosing an electric wall oven.
Price is a key consideration when choosing an electric wall oven.

Among the various types of ovens, the electric wall oven may be a good choice for those who have limited space. Choosing the best model and style, however, can be confusing if you don't know what to look for. Consider the height at which you want to place and mount your oven. This is where size of the appliance may play a factor. Be sure to take measurements of the space around your wall and compare it to that of the potential ovens you have considered.

Stainless steel oven may compliment other appliances.
Stainless steel oven may compliment other appliances.

You also need to consider the finish of your oven. Determine if you prefer stainless steel, glass, or another material. You will also want this piece to match your other kitchen appliances, such as your range top, unless you plan on buying a complete kitchen set.

Which manufacturer to select will be another area of consideration. There are many trusted brands available in today's market. You may want to choose an established make of kitchen appliances, rather than a budget-priced brand. Manufacturer's warranties are also important, so don't overlook this crucial feature.

Next, consider which features you are going to require. You may want a single electric wall oven, or perhaps you may prefer a double wall oven. This will most likely depend upon how much cooking you plan on doing. Larger families or those who frequently entertain may prefer the double electric wall oven.

Don't overlook inside dimensions of the oven as well. A larger cooking interior will allow you to bake large casseroles and roasts. Some of the wall ovens feature turntables that may be a beneficial feature as well. Also check to see how many speeds and what types of various controls the oven has. If your schedule is hectic, choose a self-cleaning model with racks that require little maintenance.

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@rundocuri- There is a lot more involved in installing an electric wall over than a basic electric oven. There are more things to hook up, plus you have to take into consideration the tools and equipment needed to mount the oven into the wall. Unless you have a lot of time and carpentry and electrical experience, you might want to have a professional install your mother's new oven.


My mother is planning to get an electric wall oven and wants me to install it for her. Though I've hooked up a basic electric oven before, I'm not feeling too confident about this job. Does anyone know just how difficult a wall-mounted electric oven is to install?

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