How Do I Choose the Best Dyslexia Resources?

N. Madison

Though there are many types of dyslexia resources, a learning disability specialist may prove among the most helpful. An individual who works in this field can be instrumental in testing for this learning disability and providing materials and resources for dealing with it. Organizations designed to help and inform people with learning disabilities may prove helpful as well. In many cases, a person in need of help can also turn to a mental health professional or find written materials a significant source of information and advice.

"Happy Days" actor Henry Winkler, who played Fonzie, is a popular celebrity who was diagnosed with dyslexia.
"Happy Days" actor Henry Winkler, who played Fonzie, is a popular celebrity who was diagnosed with dyslexia.

A learning disability specialist may prove one of the best dyslexia resources. A person with this title can be helpful for not only understanding the types of learning issues that arise with dyslexia, but also understanding how a person is diagnosed and what he can expect in the future. In many cases, these specialists are also qualified to test and diagnose people with this condition, which may come in handy when a person thinks he has a learning disability but isn't sure. Additionally, this professional can provide materials, helpful resources and strategies an affected person can use to learn about how to cope with the condition.

Learning disability associations may also prove among the best dyslexia resources. These associations often provide members with books and learning materials, informational websites, and referrals. In many cases, they also host events beneficial for those with learning disabilities. Sometimes these associations also help people find support groups or others to talk to who are dealing with the same issues. They may even arrange "ask-the-expert" sessions for their members.

If a person is in need of learning disability testing or counseling because of the stress this type of disability can cause, a mental health professional may prove helpful. Some mental health experts are qualified to test and diagnose patients with learning disabilities. They may also be skilled at helping individuals deal with stress they experience as a result of the disability. For example, they often help their patients deal with anger, frustration, guilt, shame, and confusion. Additionally, they can provide suggestions on ways to learn with dyslexia as well as referrals for other dyslexia resources.

Written materials can also make good dyslexia resources. A person can find a wealth of books at his local bookstore or library that give details about the learning disability and provide helpful tips on learning in spite of it. Likewise, there are newsletters and websites that focus on this topic as well. In fact, some publications even include lists of resources, such as lists of organizations that support those with learning disabilities.

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