How do I Choose the Best Drug Possession Attorney?

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To have the best chance of winning a drug possession case, you may need an experienced attorney’s help. Choosing the best drug possession attorney usually means selecting a lawyer with significant experience and an impressive reputation. Peer and lawyer review websites may help you make a list of choices. Once you've complied a list, free consultations with the attorneys may help you narrow it to a single choice.

Individuals with a possession charge may be sentenced to jail time.
Individuals with a possession charge may be sentenced to jail time.

If you have been charged with drug possession or believe you will be charged in the future, you will typically need the best criminal lawyer you can afford. You may be tempted to hire a general practice attorney if you have worked with one in the past. This is unlikely to be a good idea, however. Drug possession charges could result in a permanent mark on your record or even a prison sentence. When you’re dealing with something this serious, you will likely need the help of a criminal lawyer.

Law enforcement officers are cracking down on both drug users and dealers.
Law enforcement officers are cracking down on both drug users and dealers.

To choose the best drug possession attorney, you will typically need to consider experience. You may place yourself in the best hands by choosing an attorney who has been handling drug possession cases for at least a decade, for example, rather than a lawyer who has just a year or two of experience. It is important to note, however, that an attorney may have several years of background with criminal cases but only a little experience dealing with drug possession cases. You may boost your chances of securing an acquittal if you choose an attorney who has several years of experience working specifically with drug possession cases.

Reputation may factor into your decision-making process as well. You may feel most confident about winning your case if you choose a drug possession attorney who has a reputation for behaving ethically and securing satisfactory outcomes for his clients. Often, peer review websites provide information about a lawyer’s reputation, but you may also learn details about a lawyer’s reputation by searching websites that post reviews provided by a lawyer’s former clients. Additionally, if you have friends or family members who have faced similar charges, you may ask them for lawyer referrals.

While you may consider choosing a drug possession attorney based on credentials, you may have a better chance of making a good choice if you meet with a few attorneys first. For example, you may request consultations with the lawyers who are at the top of your list and compare them based on their personalities, confidence in their ability to help you avoid conviction, and availability. Even something as small as how well organized an attorney’s office is may help you make the right choice.

Drug possession attorney should have lots of experience with drug-related cases.
Drug possession attorney should have lots of experience with drug-related cases.

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And here's yet another thing to consider -- a good reason to seek out a lawyer with trial experience in the court where your case is handled is a great idea because that attorney has demonstrated the ability to resist pressure to take a plea. Here's the thing about circuit judges -- they usually have huge dockets to dispose of and want to work through them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For that reason, judges will often advise defendants to take plea bargains if they believe the evidence in cases point to guilt. If you sincerely believe yourself to be innocent and you are confident a jury will agree, the last thing you need is an attorney who will cave in to pressure from a judge to settle a matter.

One more thing. It is often a great idea to look for an attorney with broad criminal trial experience. Any attorney with substantial experience in that realm will have dealt with his or her fair share of drug possession cases. Believe it.


@Logicfest -- that isn't a bad strategy at all, but what if you are innocent and want someone who isn't afraid to push your matter to trial? You'll want an attorney who gets along well with the prosecutor's office and also has some criminal trial experience under his belt. Quite often, that attorney is a former public defender or prosecutor who set up a private practice after leaving one of those offices.

Public defenders and prosecutors get plenty of criminal trial experience. Finding one with that kind of experience in the very court where your case will be tried is invaluable.


How do you find the best drug possession attorney? Find the one with a pony tail. Problem solved.

Seriously, though, picking a drug possession attorney is like choosing a lawyer for anything else -- look for the one with the most experience in the field. In the case of drug possession attorneys, here's a good tip -- find one with a good rapport with the prosecuting attorney's office. While that mind sound like a novel approach, it is very sound. In most jurisdictions, the prosecutor won't file charge unless he or she has good reason to do so. In other words, if you've been charged, there's a very good chance you are guilty.

An attorney with a good rapport with the prosecutor's office is the one in a good position to get a good plea bargain for you. Personal relationships matter quite a bit when it comes to working out favorable settlement terms with a prosecutor.

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