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How Do I Choose the Best Double Bass Lessons?

Erik J.J. Goserud
Erik J.J. Goserud

With the emergence of dub-step music and the perpetual growth in rave opportunities, there is no doubt that the need for double bass has never been greater, that is, unless you are talking about the instrument the double bass and not the popular electronica or rock-and-roll sound. This string instrument is a staple of classical music and often appears in symphonic performances. To get better at the double bass, you need lessons. Choosing the best double bass lessons is really a matter of personal fit.

Just like your friends, bosses, or just about anyone you meet, some fits are better than others. You might find a great teacher with a wonderful reputation but could, for one reason or another, be uncomfortable with him or her. This fit is instrumental in your instrumental success.

A double bass.
A double bass.

The right teacher should be able to motivate you, relate material to your learning style, and challenge but not overwhelm. This is easier said than done. Double bass lessons should leave you excited about learning more, not stressed about meeting expectations.

Try to shop around or find different options of teachers. Remain up-front, informing each potential instructor that you are in the market and not set on he or she. This enables you to meet different instructors before committing to just one for your double bass lessons.

Choosing a teacher is one step, but there are also different kinds of lessons to choose. Double bass, like other instruments, can vary greatly in available styles. If you want to learn classical music, for example, the way the lessons might go could be different than more contemporary instruction. Identifying which type of double bass lessons you hope to take will help you determine the best fit.

Other considerations for the best double bass lessons to take are the time and financial commitment. Some instructors are quite all right with sporadic lessons, although most expect a student to be reliable. This can be a lot to manage for a busy individual, so be sure that the level of commitment expected from your lessons realistically matches your lifestyle.

Finances are also a big factor in which double bass lessons are right for you. While some have unlimited resources and can pay top dollar for a reputable instructor, others may need to find a budget teacher. Searching for large lesson packages might be an affordable solution if you are strapped for cash.

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    • A double bass.
      By: Valeriy Lebedev
      A double bass.