How do I Choose the Best Distance Learning IT Course?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Choosing the best distance learning IT course will mean researching reputable schools for the best programs, narrowing the search down by eliminating schools that are not accredited, then choosing a school that fits your budget. If you intend to take only one or two distance learning IT course offerings, the cost will be less expensive than a program in which you will obtain a certificate or degree. If you are taking part in a distance learning IT course to fulfill a requirement at work or school, be sure your employer or school will accept the credits earned from the institution you choose before enrolling.

A woman taking an IT distance learning class.
A woman taking an IT distance learning class.

Make sure the distance learning IT course you choose covers relevant and up-to-date topics taught by an experienced instructor who is an expert in the field. You can research the course and the instructor on the school's website in most cases; choose the one that fits your needs the best, and choose the instructor who you would be excited to work with. Information technology is a constantly evolving field, so it is important to ensure that the distance learning IT course you choose can adapt quickly enough to cover new information technology methods, instruments, and so on.

Choosing an accredited institution is extremely important because attending a non-accredited institution may make you less marketable, and it may make you ineligible for some types of financial aid. An accredited institution must be examined and certified by an accrediting agency; the agency will only grant accreditation if the institution exhibits an ability to offer a high quality education that is respected and valued by employers, financial aid institutions, and other educational institutions. Attending an accredited institution can also enhance the likelihood that the credits you earn can be transferred to another school should you choose to change programs at anytime.

Be sure to research the ways the distance learning IT course offerings you are considering are being administered. Since information technology as a trade deals with current technology, make sure the courses are taught using current technology. Streaming media such as videos and audio files, mp3 files, interactive websites, online message boards, and other types of current communication methods should be present in the course curriculum. Choose between synchronous classes and asynchronous classes to fit your learning style: synchronous classes take place at the same time every class period, and all students attend class at the same time. This allows direct contact with the professor in real time. Asynchronous classes allow you to work on coursework at your own pace, meaning more scheduling flexibility but less direct interaction with other students and the instructor.

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    • A woman taking an IT distance learning class.
      A woman taking an IT distance learning class.