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How Do I Choose the Best Dislocated Shoulder Brace?

Anna B. Smith
Anna B. Smith

The best dislocated shoulder brace is adjustable and made from a fabric that allows air to circulate around the body while still retaining heat at the injury site. Individuals with more severe injuries may benefit from the type of brace that allows them to wear a hot or cold pack next to the affected joint. A dislocated shoulder should be examined by a doctor immediately as it may require additional treatments and medical testing to determine the full extent of the damage suffered.

A dislocated shoulder brace wraps around the shoulder, upper arm, and upper region of the torso. This type of construction adequately supports the shoulder and allows it to move normally without causing further damage. It simultaneously applies pressure against the joint while holding it securely against the rotator cuff.


An adjustable dislocated shoulder brace may be worn by any individual and allows for modification in the pressure applied to the weakened joint. Velcro straps may be tightened or loosened so that the wearer can increase or decrease the amount of support provided by the brace as the injury heals. These straps also permit for any slight changes in size that may be necessary depending on the body shape of the wearer.

Heat retention is an important factor in regards to the healing process involved in recovering from this type of injury. Neoprene is a breathable material that allows the body to maintain its own heat temperature around the muscles of the injury site without causing the wearer to overheat. A good shoulder brace uses this slightly elastic fabric to surround and support the shoulder.

The severity of the injury will often determine the sizing and shape of the final dislocated shoulder brace recommended by the doctor. A small brace with limited support may cover the shoulder only and attach around the body via one single strap. A large brace tends to utilize a chest and torso strap, or full torso wrap that resembles a shirt, for additional support. Severe injuries in which additional ligaments were torn or damaged typically require a larger brace.

Individuals who are experiencing heightened levels of pain due to their injury may wish to consider a brace that incorporates external heating and cooling packs. This type of brace incorporates pockets around the joint on the top of the shoulder where dislocation often occurs. Small heat or ice packs may be worn in these pockets and renewed as needed to provided additional relief from the discomfort that sometimes accompanies swelling.

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