How Do I Choose the Best Dishwasher Tray?

A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Finding the best dishwasher tray can be difficult. For a dishwasher appliance, it’s important to have the right kinds of accessories. The dishwasher tray, also called a rack or basket, is an open mesh part of the interior washer design that allows objects to rest inside and be cleaned. Shoppers can find the best dishwasher tray designs by looking at what is available, and understanding how it will complement their model of dishwasher.

Many dishwasher trays are specialized to hold certain kind of dishes. The most common, according to many retailers, is a dishwasher cutlery tray that will hold silverware or flatware. These smaller trays or baskets help users to clean a lot of cutlery or utensils at once.

One of the biggest considerations for a dishwasher cutlery tray is that the design should effectively stop items from falling down below the larger rack, and into the area where the spinning parts of the dishwasher work. One of the most common problems with a dishwasher is related to cutlery or utensils falling down into the bottom of the washer. Good dishwasher tray design can eliminate this issue altogether.

The best designs for a dishwasher tray include a solid, quality metal structure covered by hard, durable plastic. The plastic exterior should be pliable enough to protect the edges of dishes, but hard enough to stand up to water under high pressure. Baskets or trays with extended pieces may also have high quality tips included to eliminate jagged edges.

Consumers who want to find good designs and quality for dishwasher appliances can also look at how the manufacturing of these items contributes to good indoor air quality. Some inferior products will “breathe” poorly, emitting high levels of the fumes or particulates that were part of the manufacturing process. Experts recommend looking at the specific materials involved in manufacturing, or even inspecting the tray in the retail store if possible.

Extra features help to provide better use for some dishwasher tray models. These include closing cage tops that prevent items from falling over the top of the tray or basket. Other features might include “grippy holders” or other special compartments for different kinds of dishes or flatware.

Shoppers can look at product documentation for dishwasher items including trays and racks to see if they carry a warranty. Product warranties can be helpful, especially for racks and trays for industrial or other high-use dishwashers. Keep all product info and warranty proofs for such times as they may be necessary.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book