How do I Choose the Best Digital Surveillance System?

G. Wiesen

You should consider a number of different factors as you try to choose the best digital surveillance system for your needs. Different types of systems may be preferable for indoor or outdoor usage, so you should consider where you want to use your system. You should also determine how you want to view the information captured by a surveillance system and if you want it to be recorded for future use. As you choose the best digital surveillance system for your needs, you should also consider how many cameras you want as a part of your system.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

A digital surveillance system is a set of cameras and other surveillance devices used together to allow you to monitor activities in your home or business. There are a number of different devices and systems that can be used for this purpose, so you should have a sense of what type of system you may want before choosing the best system for you. You can begin by considering whether you want an indoor or outdoor digital surveillance system, since you would want to choose exterior cameras and other equipment that can handle different weather conditions. It can also be helpful to consider whether you want cameras that are concealed or in plain view.

You should also consider how you want to view and record images captured by your digital surveillance system. Some systems function as a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system that captures images or video and relays a signal to one or more monitors and recording devices. This type of system can be best if you have professional security personnel who may need to monitor your system. You can also choose a digital surveillance system that records images and relays that signal to an Internet site that you can log onto to view images remotely through the system. This type of setup can be preferable if you want to monitor your system through any computer and Internet connection.

A digital surveillance system can also serve to only record data on internal digital storage for future viewing, rather than relaying the information to a monitor. These systems are often less expensive than other systems that require at least one monitor and some form of network. You should also consider how many cameras you want to use, since you can look for a digital surveillance system that includes multiple cameras; and consider any potential desire you may have for more cameras in the future. Some systems are easy to add cameras to, while others can be fairly difficult to expand upon.

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