How do I Choose the Best Digestive Enzyme Blend?

Erin J. Hill

There is no one specific way to choose the best digestive enzyme blend. Several different conditions may require you to use enzymes, so the correct type will depend on the types of enzymes your body is naturally lacking. If you know your condition and there is an over the counter option, speak with your pharmacist before giving it a try on your own. Your doctor may have to give you specialized treatment and medications instructions if you have a more serious health problem.

Serious digestive problems may need digestive enzymes specifically tailored for the condition.
Serious digestive problems may need digestive enzymes specifically tailored for the condition.

You can choose your own digestive enzyme blend if you have a known health condition which requires an over the counter remedy. For instance, lactose intolerance can be treated by taking an over the counter pill which replaces certain enzymes which are important in the digestion of lactose. Others can be taken for frequent gas due to eating certain foods. You should still speak with your pharmacist if you want to take these medications, especially if you are taking additional drugs or supplements.

If you have a more serious condition, such as a metabolic disorder, you doctor will likely have to prescribe you a digestive enzyme blend tailored to your condition. The type of enzymes needed will depend on what your body cannot digest. Common disorders include an inability to process proteins, carbohydrates, gluten, and glucose. Many metabolic disorders can be serious and lead to severe complications if not treated properly.

Once you have discussed your condition with your doctor and gotten all necessary testing, you should begin taking whatever digestive enzyme blend your physician recommends. Be sure to keep track of any symptoms you are having in order to give a proper account of how well the enzymes are helping. Side effects may occur if your dosage is too high, so keep track of those as well. Speak with your doctor if you have any severe or long-lasting side effects.

Since many serious metabolic disorders are discovered and treated during early childhood, you may be looking for a digestive enzyme blend for a child. Young children may not be able to give you an accurate account of any negative reactions or persisting symptoms, so you will have to monitor the child’s progress closely. Testing will be needed to ensure that the body is processing necessary nutrients and other substances effectively.

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