How Do I Choose the Best Deer Fencing Materials?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Many fencing styles can be used to deter deer from a garden.
Many fencing styles can be used to deter deer from a garden.

Homeowners and gardeners often purchase deer fencing materials to keep deer and other pests out of a garden or yard. These animals can do damage to the yard or even eat crops or plants in a garden, and keeping them out can be difficult. The options for deer fencing materials range from electric fencing to polypropylene netting that can be strung up around the perimeter of a garden or yard. Metal fencing has been a popular choice in the past, but more recent materials will not rust and will not pose a danger to people or animals.

Metal deer fencing materials are generally low-cost and easy to install. They are effective, too, as deer will not be able to jump over or through the fence as long as it is built high enough. For the budget-conscious gardener or homeowner, this is perhaps the best choice of deer fencing materials, but metal does have drawbacks. It is often susceptible to rust, which can be aesthetically displeasing, and such rust can be dangerous for people and animals alike. Metal fencing is not aesthetically attractive in general, even if it is not rusted, so it may detract from the overall appeal of a space.

Electric fencing is also made of metal, with an electric current running through the metal to keep deer out of a particular space. While effective, these deer fencing materials are often labeled inhumane and unnecessarily dangerous for both animals and humans, though some garden or homeowners who are having severe problems with deer may want to consider this option. The deer fencing materials necessary to erect such a fence are likely to be more expensive, and the fence will need some sort of electrical supply to provide the current that runs through the metal.

The most modern deer fencing materials are made of polypropylene. This synthetic material is lightweight and durable, and it is thin enough that it cannot be seen from afar. This means the aesthetic of the yard is preserved for the most part while still preventing deer from entering a yard or garden. Polypropylene netting can be strung up easily between posts, and it will not rust or corrode when exposed to the weather. The cost of this material is likely to be higher, however, but it is safe for both humans and animals and provides security without harming the overall aesthetic of a yard.

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    • Many fencing styles can be used to deter deer from a garden.
      By: awhelin
      Many fencing styles can be used to deter deer from a garden.