How do I Choose the Best Data Entry Services?

Sheri Cyprus

Choosing the best data entry services for your business should take some thought and planning. While comparing prices between different service providers is a good idea, picking the the cheapest isn't necessarily the smartest option. Also keep in mind that while a full-time need for data entry services would probably require in-house staff, a part-time demand may not.

There are many qualified workers who work from home at a reasonable price while also providing top-notch data entry services.
There are many qualified workers who work from home at a reasonable price while also providing top-notch data entry services.

If you need only temporary or occasional data entry work done, you may want to consider a telecommuter. There are many qualified workers in business process outsourcing who work from home at a reasonable price while also providing top-notch data entry services. Of course, there are also many unqualified or inexperienced data entry service providers as well, so you should plan a screening process that is quick, yet effective.

When dealing with possible providers only over the telephone or computer, you don't often have the option of interviewing them in person. This is why easy-to-check references of their past data entry work experience is extremely important. If a person you're considering for data entry services doesn't have current references you can check, it's usually best to move on to another provider. When you call a client reference listed on a data entry service provider's resume, it's best to have planned questions in enough detail so you can better determine whether the responses are legitimate and satisfactory.

If you have enough information processing work and prefer to have someone work in your place of business, it can save time to use the same process described above for choosing telecommuting staff to get a short list of possible candidates for the job. Then you can conduct a short telephone interview with even more detailed questions to narrow down the applicants for your data entry services even further. After interviewing a handful of the remaining few applicants, you may want to hold a final interview that includes a demonstration.

For the demonstration that will help you determine the most successful data entry applicant, give each candidate the same amount of sample information to enter with identical instructions. Your purpose in doing this is to test their knowledge of computer applications such as spreadsheets as well as your most desirable qualities such as accuracy and attention to detail. If an applicant for your data entry services position doesn't turn out to be familiar with the computer program or applications you use, this can allow you to test how fast he or she can learn vital information on the job.

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@pleonasm - I know that when I was a student I often found data entry jobs just through knowing the right people. If you let people know that you are willing and able to do data entry jobs they often will take you up on it.

I think that a lot of people get data entry workers through temp agencies as well.

I've signed up for one of those when I was between jobs and ended up doing quite a bit of data entry. Sometimes it was quite fun, but most of the time it is dull. Still, better than no job at all.

I particularly like online data entry jobs because they cut down commuting time and that means you save money.


If your data entry needs aren't long term, you might want to consider asking about student workers. I know my university offers a student job service, where they match up students with employers. In this case you will already have people who are tested in data entry skills like speed and accuracy and who are willing to work strange hours if you need them to.

Students also tend to be cheap and very fast typists so if you pick well you can end up getting good value for money.

Plus you will be helping out people who might be in need of some job experience. Even data entry jobs can be hard to come by if you don't have anything worth putting on your CV.

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