How Do I Choose the Best Custom Conveyor?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
An auger conveyor is design to move sand and other particulate matter.
An auger conveyor is design to move sand and other particulate matter.

Choosing a custom conveyor company is often more important than choosing the conveyor itself, as you will need to find a company that is easy to work with, reputable, efficient, and cost-effective. Research various custom conveyor installers in your area to begin searching for the best systems for your application. Most companies will offer a cost estimate and will do a walk-through of your facility to assess potential problems, conveyor needs, and safety issues. Don't be afraid to get more than one price quote, and make sure you are getting the system that will make your company as efficient as possible.

It helps to have a good idea of what type of conveyor system you will need, so you should research various custom conveyor options before contacting any installers. While belt conveyors are certainly quite common, they are not the only option and may not be the best option for your business. You may, for example, need a custom conveyor that mounts to the ceiling rather than the floor; you may need an auger conveyor that is designed to move fine particulate matter such as grains or sand; or you may need a belt conveyor that features a wire mesh belt rather than a rubber belt. Carefully analyze what materials you will be moving, how far you will be moving them, and what you will be doing to the materials along the way.

If you need to save money, you may want to consider having a gravity conveyor installed rather than a motorized one. Gravity conveyors feature rollers that are unpowered, and items that are placed on the conveyor will move along the track thanks to gravity. The custom conveyor will, in this case, need to be tilted downward to ensure gravity takes effect. Make sure the custom conveyor features retarders at the appropriate spots; these flat metal panels will slow the items down when they approach turns in the conveyor or when they approach work stations where workers may be standing.

Make sure the custom conveyor installer you choose takes safety into consideration. Blind corners on the system should be accounted for with alarms or indicator lights for safety; the entire system should have power shut-off controls along the length of the system should an emergency situation arise; and adjustment of any conveyor belts should be easy with the use of conveyor take-ups that are conveniently placed at one location on the system.

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    • An auger conveyor is design to move sand and other particulate matter.
      By: andrea photo
      An auger conveyor is design to move sand and other particulate matter.