How Do I Choose the Best Curling Iron Organizer?

Kay Paddock

Hair styling tools such as curling irons and blow dryers can clutter a vanity or countertop, and a curling iron organizer can help keep the area tidy and keep the tools in easy reach. Before purchasing a hair tools organizer, consider how many different items you use regularly. Some organizer models are just for curling irons while others can hold flat irons, blow dryers, and other tools. You will also be able to choose between organizers that sit on the counter or mount on the wall. The last consideration is the material used in the organizer and whether you will want to store a hot or cold curling iron.

A curling iron organizer should ideally be made of a material that can accommodate a hot curling iron.
A curling iron organizer should ideally be made of a material that can accommodate a hot curling iron.

A curling iron organizer made out of any material can work well if you only want to keep your tools handy without cluttering the counter space. If you want to be able to put away a hot curling iron immediately, however, you should chose an organizer designed to handle the heat. Countertop and wall-mounted versions with stainless steel rings for mounting the irons, often called tube holders, are probably best for this purpose, as other materials could melt or even pose a fire hazard.

If you want to store curling iron accessories, such as clip-on combs or covers, you may want a rack- or basket-type organizer, with or without a tube or hole for the iron. Be sure to choose a model that is large enough to hold everything. Some are designed for one or more curling irons with various barrel sizes. If you have other hair tools, such as a blow dryer or flat iron, consider a curling iron organizer that allows room for these items as well. This can help you get through your hairstyling routine faster each day by keeping all your necessary tools together within reach.

Try to avoid storing your curling iron organizer near water, particularly if you leave any tools plugged in. Even an unplugged electric appliance that falls into water can be ruined, however. A wall-mounted curling iron organizer may be best if you only have a small amount of vanity or counter space. If you have a large area, be sure to keep the curling iron organizer in a place where it will not be splashed with water or easily knocked into the sink. If you have children, you should probably consider a wall-mounted organizer that your children cannot reach, for safety reasons.

A curling iron organizer also can be a simple metal or plastic basket that sits on the counter or the wall to hold your tools. They come in a variety of materials, colors, and styles to match almost any room. Some are more elaborately designed, with places to wind cords to keep them out of the way. Many types also have special places for brushes, combs, and hair accessories. Choose a curling iron organizer that fits your tools and allows a little room for change in case you buy a new appliance or replace an old one with a different sized model.

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