How do I Choose the Best Cruises for Kids?

Patti Kate

To choose the most appropriate cruises for kids, do some research to find travel packages and destinations that offer kid-friendly deals. You can research online, or inquire in person at local travel agencies. If you're planning a family vacation cruise with children, check to see if there are special events and activities for kids. Be sure there are fun activities geared for the appropriate ages of your child or children.

Many people book cruises through travel agents.
Many people book cruises through travel agents.

The first step in planning a vacation with cruises for kids is to contact a travel agency and see what kid-friendly programs they offer. This doesn't have to be time consuming or frustrating if you know what to look for. Your local travel agent can be helpful in offering suggestions and guidance, but ultimately knowing what interests your kids will be most important.

Cruises that feature video arcade rooms will be suited for kids.
Cruises that feature video arcade rooms will be suited for kids.

Assuming you have more than one child, getting them to agree on activities can be a challenge, although it doesn't have to be. No child has to compromise when several options are part of the cruise package. Inquire if the cruise line offers programs dedicated to all age groups. This way, your five-year-old can participate in activities with other children her age, while your 12-year-old can interact with the pre-teen set.

If you have toddlers or children who need supervision, it's a good idea to inquire if the cruise also offers services to look after the kids. This would be helpful in allowing parents to indulge in their own leisurely activities. If you have an older child aboard, such as a responsible teenager, you may not need this service.

Cruises for kids need to supply a comfortable setting. You'll want to inquire about in room accommodations. Do some planning to determine how much space you will need to accommodate the family. Teenagers will typically need more privacy, and very young children may need to be closer to mom and dad.

Don't neglect to inquire about the menu and dining options. Steak and lobster or exotic cuisine may seem tempting to you, but your six-year-old may prefer chicken tenders and fries. A child's menu is essential in keeping the little ones happy and well nourished during your cruise.

Some of the basic entertainment ideas to consider when choosing cruises for kids are things like plays and other productions, video game arcade rooms, and a swimming pool. Arts and crafts programs can be a lot of fun for your creative child.

Finally, if you have a budget to consider, do some careful comparison price checking. Many cruise lines will offer great package deals for cruises for kids. Don't forget to check online as well as in person. If possible, book your cruise well in advance and you may get an even sweeter deal.

Some cruises have day cares that will look after toddlers.
Some cruises have day cares that will look after toddlers.

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