How Do I Choose the Best Corporate Apparel?

Sheri Cyprus

When choosing the best corporate apparel, don't consider the cost alone, but rather look for clothing that sends others the right message about your company. Branding is about image, and picking something cheap or tacky-looking for your company uniforms or promotional giveaways isn't going to impress anyone. If your business is about thrift and value rather than luxury, you can definitely stay within a lower price point in corporate apparel, but always rule out cheapness in favor of good taste.

Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

In addition to the look of the fabric, a corporate apparel's practicality and quality should weigh heavily in your decision making. Especially in the case of corporate uniforms, the material should stand up to many washings as well as be resistant to staining. Synthetic fabrics may make sense when used in some corporate apparel, but it's usually best to pick natural materials such as cotton whenever possible — especially in warmer climates. Natural fabrics "breathe" and have more "give" which may make employees sweat less as well as be able to move or bend easier.

For outdoor workers such as delivery drivers, consider choosing uniform sets that the workers can choose from to match the particular weather. For example, a uniform set may include both pants and shorts as well as a long or short-sleeved shirt. This way, workers can dress for the weather but still all be in the same style and colors. If cold weather is a real issue and you want workers to all still look the same, choose warm outerwear that may include an embroidered or screen printed logo. A hat with the company logo can be practical for outdoor workers in any weather and is usually an inexpensive apparel accessory.

The colors used in both uniforms and promotional giveaway apparel such as t-shirts or hats should be your company colors. If items aren't available in your exact company colors, then neutral fabrics with these shades used in a screen printed design may work. Just as your logo and product packaging should always be consistent with your company's branding though, so should the apparel you choose.

If your company is about luxury brands, then picking apparel that embraces this quality is important. Look for extra thick cottons or even silks. Although such fabrics may easily be pricey, quality materials also tend to last longer and stand up better to wear. Pay attention to details such as lavish embroidery or trim when choosing luxurious corporate apparel.

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