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How Do I Choose the Best Corner Glass Desk?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Choosing a corner glass desk starts with determining exactly how you are likely to use the workspace. This will often dictate which features you will need as well as how much space you will need on the desk. Some corner glass desk models will be quite compact and suitable for smaller rooms; if you use a laptop computer instead of a desktop computer, you can probably choose a fairly small desk space. If, however, you have a larger computer with several peripheral devices, you may need more storage space in the form of shelves or additional desktop area.

Once you have determined your storage needs, think carefully about what additional options you want included with your corner glass desk. You may, for example, want a slide-out keyboard tray to help improve the ergonomics of the workspace. You may also want a file cabinet drawer in which you can store important files. Some desks will feature an elevated platform on which a computer monitor can be placed, again enhancing the ergonomics of the workspace. To cut down on clutter, you may choose a low shelf on which the CPU of the desktop computer can be stored out of the way.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

You will also need to think carefully about the structure and design of the corner glass desk. Some models will feature metal frames that support glass panes for a work surface. Other desks may feature glass supports as well as glass tabletops. If you are looking for the aesthetic of glass but are worried about its shattering tendencies, you may want to choose a Lucite® desk instead; this synthetic material looks like glass but is more shatterproof and in some cases less expensive than real glass. Lucite® can also be tinted to give it an added bit of aesthetic value.

Think about whether you want your corner glass desk to be horizontally or vertically oriented. Some desks, for example, will feature shelves that stack vertically, thereby allowing you plenty of storage space within a smaller footprint. Others are horizontally oriented, which means the desk will be L-shaped to fit easily into a corner while still providing a large work surface for computer work, writing, or simply storing documents or other items. The L-shaped, horizontal layout will take up more space within a room, but it will offer more of a workspace than a vertically oriented unit. The vertical unit will take up little space within the room but may be constrained by the height of the ceiling or the height of the person who will use the desk.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book