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How Do I Choose the Best Cordless Grass Clippers?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Electric grass clippers can be useful when trying to keep your yard looking neat, and cordless grass clippers can be even more useful — if you choose the right one for your needs. Key among features to look for when choosing cordless grass clippers is the tool's ability to hold a charge for as long as possible, because otherwise you might have to take a break just to charge the trimmer. You likely will want to look for clippers that have a cushioned grip and are lightweight enough for you to comfortably hold them while trimming. Grass clippers that come with accessories and a charger also can prove useful, and a warranty may come in handy.

Unlike grass trimmers that you operate while an attached cord is plugged into an electrical outlet, cordless grass clippers only work for a limited time, because they need to recharge after each use. Before you make a decision on the best cordless trimmer for your needs, you may want to consider how long you expect to need the tool to operate without charging, because it can be inconvenient to stop in the middle of your yard work just to recharge the clippers. Most manufacturers indicate somewhere on the packaging how long a pair of cordless grass clippers can be used before having to be charged; if the product description does not mention this detail, an alternative is to consider the number of volts the tool uses. The higher the voltage, the more time you usually will get between charges. You also should consider how long it usually takes you to cut your grass before you decide how long the trimmer needs to run.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

You likely will want to take comfort into consideration, which also involves determining how long it takes you to trim the grass. For example, if you have a small patch of grass that only takes a few minutes to trim, then comfort may not be as important as it would be if the job took you an hour or more. Either way, when considering comfort, you may want to determine if the handle of the chosen cordless grass clippers is padded so it is easy to hold. You also should consider the weight, because it may be cumbersome to carry around a heavy trimmer for anything more than a few minutes.

Another important factor of most cordless grass clippers on the market is whether they come with other helpful items. For example, most should come with a charger, so you can easily charge the battery. If your trimmer does not come with one, then you likely will need to find a compatible charger that is sold separately. In addition, it may be useful for the clippers to come with a warranty so any broken parts will be repaired free. This may help you get the most use out of your cordless grass clippers.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book