How Do I Choose the Best Convection Wall Oven?

Janis Adams

To choose the best convection wall oven, it is best to first determine what your needs are. What size oven you will need will certainly figure into the decision making process. Another important factor is determining where to purchase your oven from and if the place of purchase will include installation as part of the purchase price.

Price and features are two important factors when choosing a wall convection oven.
Price and features are two important factors when choosing a wall convection oven.

Size is a deciding factor when it comes to choosing an oven. Convection wall ovens come in three basic widths: 24 inch (61 cm), 27 inch (68.6 cm), and 30 inch (76.2 cm). Making sure that you have taken very careful measurements of the space where you want the oven to go is very important, as you will want it to set flush with the cabinetry.

A convection wall oven can have controls which are either digital or analog. Those with analog controls will have knobs. The type of controls you will be most comfortable with is an important consideration.

Regardless of the type of controls you choose to have on your convection wall oven, their location is of equal importance. Will they be easily reachable for the cook but out of reach for young children is a question you should ask. As is whether you will be able to read displays.

When considering a convection wall oven, an important determinant for the cook is the size of the interior of the oven. An oven which allows for multiple racks not only offers the option of cooking more than one thing at once, but it also allows for the racks to be repositioned within the oven for optimum cooking of any food. Along with the size of the interior, the size of the viewing window is important. The bigger the window, the less likely the person using the oven will be to open the oven and check on the food inside. Opening the oven allows heat to escape and creates less than perfect cooking or baking conditions.

Ovens, of any type, are difficult to clean. An added bonus offered with some convection wall ovens is the self-cleaning option. This is a setting offered on some ovens which allows for the oven to do nearly all the work of cleaning itself. In these cases, all you have to do is simply wipe down its interior surfaces.

An innovation in convection wall ovens is the Trivection® system. This type of convection oven offers the fastest cooking time possible. Thermal, microwave, and traditional convection energies are all combined to heat and cook food.

Though certainly not part of the cooking process, choosing the type and style of a convection wall oven is important, as most people will want it to match their other kitchen appliances. Some ovens are offered in a finish similar to the wood grain of the cabinetry in the kitchen in which it will be placed. Though this will obviously not add to the cooking ability of of the oven, it will add to creating a pleasant kitchen decor.

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