How Do I Choose the Best Convection Cooker?

Kristeen Moore

A convection cooker is a type of device that utilizes fans in addition to its core heating system in order to distribute warmth and cook food evenly. There are three primary types of convection systems, which are in the form of ovens, microwaves, and toasters. The version that you choose ultimately depends on what you are cooking and the quantity. Commercial convection cookers are also available for restaurant owners, and they are the most efficient for cooking large amounts of food at a rapid rate.

Combination microwave-convection ovens often have pre-calculated settings for certain foods, much like a regular microwave.
Combination microwave-convection ovens often have pre-calculated settings for certain foods, much like a regular microwave.

Convection is a process in which heat is constantly circulated. This method is extremely efficient for cooking because it uses less energy in the form of decreased temperatures, compared with traditional ovens. Many cooks often prefer using a convection cooker over other devices, because the food tends to turn out more even. Having your food items cooked evenly in advance saves time from having to reheat your dishes, and it can also help to prevent burning.

An oven version of the convection cooker is a common device that is most often used restaurants and bakeries. The device is usually portable, meaning that you plug it into an electrical outlet during use, and then store the cooker away when you are finished. The portability of a convection oven is one of the many reasons why home cooks prefer these over conventional versions, as the latter take up more space in the kitchen. Convection ovens are ideal for baking, broiling, and roasting items. You can also fry foods in these types of ovens, which can be a safer alternative if you have children at home.

Traditional microwave ovens use a great deal of electricity to heat up food at a rapid rate. Many people prefer microwaves that use convection because they take up less energy and heat food more evenly. Another convenient aspect is that you can preheat the cooker in the same way as you would a regular oven. A microwave convection cooker can be used for the same purpose as an oven, but it is usually used to heat up smaller portions. These types of cookers are ideal for smaller families and for reheating leftovers.

Regular toaster ovens are traditionally used to make crisp foods and cook smaller dishes. Some of the downsides associated with traditional toaster ovens are that they carry the risk of overcooking the food. Convection toasters tend to leave foods moist, partly due to the fact that the fans help to distribute heat throughout the device. Also, like other types of convection cookers, this version of the toaster tends to heat foods up in less time. These are smaller than convection microwaves; therefore, they are used for the smallest dishes.

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