How do I Choose the Best Contractor for Carpet Installation?

Amy Hunter

Carpet installation is a complicated process, and it is important to choose an installer who is experienced. When you purchase your carpet, the store may provide the installation service or may recommend the name of another company, unrelated to them. Ask them if the carpet store guarantees the performance of the carpet installers. If not, treat them just as you would any other potential contractor, and do your own research before signing the contract.

Choosing the right contractor for carpet installation can save people a lot of pain and distress.
Choosing the right contractor for carpet installation can save people a lot of pain and distress.

Proper carpet installation is important for both the appearance and longevity of the carpet. If the carpet is not installed properly, bumps and ridges can form in the carpet. This looks bad and provides a hazard, as it is very easy to trip over these problem areas.

When choosing someone to complete your carpet installation, it makes sense to choose a person or company that specializes in carpet installation. While there are other contractors that can provide this service as well, someone who specializes in carpet installation will bring the most experience to the job. Ask for references from the carpet installation professionals that you choose.

Once you are convinced that the carpet installer is experienced and will do a good job, you should get an estimate for the work. First, make sure that all of the contractors include the same thing with the bid. The lowest priced contractor may not include disposal of the old floor coverings. The highest priced bid may include carrying your furniture back into the room.

During the period of time that you are selecting a contractor, consider various factors. How easy are they to reach? Do they return phone calls promptly? If communication is a problem before you sign the contract, don’t assume that it will get better if you hire them to complete the job. Instead, decide for yourself if paying a little more is worth it if you get a person that you are comfortable with and who answers your questions. For many people, the answer is yes.

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