How do I Choose the Best Contemporary Wallpaper?

Sheri Cyprus

If your home is decorated in an up-to-date style, choosing wallpaper to coordinate with the look can be an excellent idea. Since a little wallpaper goes a long way, you should carefully consider which walls the decorative paper would suit best. Small spaces tend to look better with the entire room papered than large ones do.

Space is an important factor when choosing contemporary wallpaper.
Space is an important factor when choosing contemporary wallpaper.

Creating accent walls in larger spaces by covering these with contemporary wallpaper, while painting other wall areas in rich neutral tones found in the paper may give you enough pattern without going overboard. While you should definitely pick your very favorite trendy wallpaper, try not to select a design that is too much of a fad if you hope to have it on your walls for at least a few years. Some themed contemporary wallpaper that's designed in the style of the moment can look dated within even a few months, so thinking carefully before choosing this type is crucial if you don't want to have to replace it that soon.

Decide how long you hope to have the wallpaper up before you replace it. It's also smart to consider how prospective buyers are likely to view the wallpaper if or when you decide to put your house up for sale. Although most buyers intellectually realize that they shouldn't usually avoid purchasing a home just because of cosmetic reasons such as dated wallpaper, future homeowners may choose another house over yours because there is no work or updating to do.

If your home lacks light, staying away from dark wallpapers that may accentuate that aspect is often the best choice. A light-colored, textured contemporary wallpaper can add interest without seeming to block light. For large, airy layouts, darker colors may work better to help create more of a cozier atmosphere. Try to get as large as sample swatch of your favorite contemporary wallpapers as possible so you can view them in the unique lighting of each room. Keeping the sample swatches propped up against the walls you're considering using the wallpaper on for a few days can give you an idea of what it would be like to live with the design and colors on a daily basis.

Choosing wallpaper for a walk-in closet or a small powder room bathroom can help you become more confident in choosing papers for main areas. Since these spaces are small, all of the walls in the space may look attractive done in an attractive contemporary paper pattern. If you do decide to choose more unusual new wallpapers, these can be the best spaces to paper because they're off the main living areas. If you want to use the same contemporary wallpaper pattern in adjacent rooms, starting in closets or powder rooms can give you a preview of what the paper will look like in your main living areas.

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