How do I Choose the Best Concealer?

B. Miller

Concealer is a cosmetic product used on the face to conceal redness or dark undereye circles. Any concealer can work well, but to choose the best concealer, begin by considering your skin type. The type of skin you have, whether it is oily, normal, or dry, can help you to choose the best concealer that will last all day and not rub off.


Concealer comes in a number of different forms, including liquid, pencil, cream, or powder, similar to eye makeup. For those people with very oily skin, the best concealer might be a liquid or cream form, because it tends to go on slightly heavier and last longer. People with dry or normal skin can use any type of concealer, depending on the area of the face they wish to use it.

Blemish concealer should match skin tone.
Blemish concealer should match skin tone.

Concealer may be applied anywhere on the face that it is needed, but it is not intended to cover the entire face; that is the job of foundation. Experts generally recommend using a cream or liquid concealer around the eye area, and if you choose to do so, switching to a powdered concealer for the cheeks or forehead to cover larger areas. If you only have small areas to cover, such as small patches of redness or blemishes, a liquid or cream concealer can generally work just fine.

When choosing the best concealer for you, select one that is one to two shades lighter than your skin tone so that it blends well. It is often recommended that you choose a concealer with a yellow base, rather than pink or white, no matter your skin tone. Yellow-based concealers tend to blend into the skin better, and minimize the appearance of redness.

Some concealers also contain acne-fighting ingredients. Be sure to use these only on blemishes, and not on the eye area, where they could cause irritation. Even the best concealer will not look good if it is applied improperly. Get a small amount of concealer on your fingertip, or a makeup sponge, if you are using liquid or cream concealer, and gently dab it into place. Do not rub, and be sure to blend the edges well so you do not create any discernible lines on the face.

Concealer should generally be applied underneath foundation. With proper application of concealer, you will not need to use as much foundation. It is a good idea to choose your foundation the same time as your concealer, so you can be assured that the two colors match and blend well together.

A concealer may be used on the face to conceal dark undereye circles.
A concealer may be used on the face to conceal dark undereye circles.

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