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How Do I Choose the Best Computer Programming Books?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

When looking for the best computer programming books, you should look for books that address your particular needs as a programmer in regard to the language you need to use and the platform for which you are trying to develop software. Many books on computer programming are written to help with a particular language or syntax, so you should choose a book that addresses your needs in this regard. If you are trying to learn more about developing for a particular platform, you should choose a book that focuses on the appropriate one for your needs. You might also consider any other requirements you may have for computer programming books, such as assigned reading for a class.

Computer programming books are books, often guides or textbooks, written to help a reader understand various aspects of computer programming. There are many different books available about computer programming, covering numerous aspects of programming and software development. While such a diverse library can be intimidating, you should focus on finding computer programming books that apply to your specific needs.

A computer programmer working.
A computer programmer working.

One of the first things you should consider is the language you are using. If you need to use C#, for example, for a particular application, then you should look for a book that covers this language. Many of these books are available from the developers of the language or from experts who use the language professionally. Some of these computer programming books can also provide you with a general overview of programming in a larger sense, which may be helpful if you are just starting out.

Computer programming books often focus on a single coding language.
Computer programming books often focus on a single coding language.

You should also keep in mind any particular platform for which you are trying to program software. If you are working on a utility for mobile devices, for example, then you should look for computer programming books that discuss the specific platform used on those devices. You might also consider different operating systems you want to program for, as well as specific types of programming you are interested in, such as artificial intelligence (AI) programming or security software.

If you are interested in computer programming books for a specific reason, such as a class assignment, you should also keep that in mind when looking at books. Many teachers require specific books with certain lessons or tutorials you can read and follow, so you should be sure to properly choose any book required for a class or by a teacher. You may also be able to find a great number of books and similar resources for free online, so look for such material prior to selection of a hard copy book for continued reading.

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    • A computer programmer working.
      By: Photo_Ma
      A computer programmer working.
    • Computer programming books often focus on a single coding language.
      By: Anna
      Computer programming books often focus on a single coding language.