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How do I Choose the Best Christian Insurance?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

Christian insurance plans were inspired by a desire to offer different options of insurance for people of faith. While these programs are referred to as "Christian insurance," many are not classified or regulated as such and are actually medical expense sharing plans. Some are similar to group insurance programs, although payment for medical treatment is not guaranteed. To find the best one for you, consider what is offered and what is required.

Many faith-based insurance programs begin with a premise of avoiding tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and sex outside of marriage, for example. This premise not only follows the lines of their faith but also the idea that those who do not indulge in such things will be healthier, and will therefore have less need for expensive medical treatments. Drug or alcohol rehabilitation, out of wedlock pregnancy, treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, and other similar expenses will not generally be covered by Christian insurance programs.

A Bible.
A Bible.

As with any type of insurance plan, Christian insurance has its pros and cons. In the US, some states try to regulate such programs, which of course can produce both positive and negative results. The fact that there is no guarantee of payment, and that Christian insurance groups can make their own rules in some settings, leaves some people apprehensive about joining such a plan. Others find comfort in the strict guidelines and in the fact that members are also asked to pray for those in their group who are currently suffering from medical problems.

Generally, members pay monthly premiums which go into a main fund, and the funds are then distributed to those with the greatest needs. There are positive testimonials as well as controversial cases regarding the availability of payments. Christian insurance programs may also set payment limits or put a cap on recurring expenses. They may refuse to pay for pre-existing conditions, or may require that the member pay some of the expenses first, similar to a deductible. Keep in mind that the above are true of most insurance plans.

As with choosing any type of insurance, finding the best Christian insurance plan for you will require a bit of research. It is a good idea to compare the various plans. Contact different organizations and ask for information in writing. You should feel free to voice any questions or concerns until they are fully addressed. You may also want to ask people from your church or other Christian organizations if they use similar programs and seek their recommendations.

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    • A Bible.
      By: nupsik284
      A Bible.