How do I Choose the Best Christian Attorney?

Jodee Redmond
Jodee Redmond
A Bible.
A Bible.

Finding a Christian attorney can be bit more challenging than making contact with a legal practitioner who does not profess to practicing a specific religious faith. Potential clients who would like to be represented by someone who shares their faith can ask for referrals from friends and family or approach their local church leadership for guidance. A professional association for lawyers or the state Bar Association can also provide names of members who are Christians.

A Christian lawyer is someone who is bound by the ethics of his or her profession, as well as those of his or her religious faith. When it comes to family law matters, some clients prefer to be represented by a Christian divorce lawyer. A client who is a practicing Christian may feel more comfortable working with someone who understands the emotions he or she is going through while dealing with the legal issues involved in ending a marriage.

Someone who is looking for a Christian attorney can start the process by asking friends or family members if they would feel comfortable recommending someone. If asking people they know doesn't help to locate a lawyer who is a Christian, the prospective client can approach his or her priest or minister to ask for a referral. There may be a lawyer in the congregation that is ready to offer assistance.

Another option for finding an attorney is to contact a professional association. A Christian legal society will provide names of members in a specific location. Listening to a Christian radio station for advertisements from legal professionals will also give a person looking for an attorney some leads to follow up on.

The state Bar Association does offer referrals to members of the public looking for a lawyer. They may not be able to recommend a Christian attorney, but they can provide a list of local practitioners. The individual can contact each person on the list to ask whether the attorney identifies him or herself as a Christian lawyer before asking for an appointment.

The Internet is a great way to find information quickly, and it can be used to locate a Christian attorney. Typing "Christian attorney" or "Christian lawyer" and the name of a city will bring up a list of possibilities for a person who wants to hire a lawyer who identifies as a Christian in his or her professional life.

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    • A Bible.
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      A Bible.