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How Do I Choose the Best Chimney Specialist?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

To choose the best chimney specialist, you'll need to do some research. Locate a few contractors or fireplace specialists in your area by searching the Internet or looking through your local telephone directory. Choose a local chimney specialist with a website, so you can learn more about the services offered. After thorough research, ask for a price quote by telephone, or schedule an appointment for an in-home estimate. Inquire if the company provides full-service chimney care beforehand, and ask about guarantees for their services.

If you require a chimney specialist that can provide routine maintenance and cleaning services, inquire about discounts for loyal and returning customers. You might be able to get a special rate for ongoing services. Additionally, if you are older than 65, inquire about senior citizen discounts. For routine cleaning, choose a chimney specialist that is certified. This will ensure the chimney worker understands safety codes and regulations.

Before choosing a chimney specialist, go online and read consumer reviews. If there are more complaints than positive reviews, look elsewhere. In addition, there should be information regarding the history of the company on the website.

Chimney specialists often sell fireplace accessories like screens and grates.
Chimney specialists often sell fireplace accessories like screens and grates.

Routine fireplace services should also include regular inspections. Inquire about the methods that are used to inspect your chimney. Some companies use high-tech video cameras to inspect the internal components of a chimney. This type of inspection may cost more, but it is more thorough than other methods. Ask when the inspections are generally performed, because you'll want it to be done before the cold weather arrives.

As part of routine maintenance, you'll want to protect your chimney from water damage. This is especially important if you live in an area that is susceptible to flooding or heavy rains. Inquire about waterproofing procedures to learn what materials are used. The best waterproof sealant for your chimney will be mildew and fungus resistant.

Some chimney specialists may only clean and reline chimneys, so ask first about other services you may need. If the interior of your chimney is severely deteriorated, some specialists with limited services may not be able to rebuild your chimney. If your masonry chimney has noticeable cracks, be sure the company is equipped to provide repairs.

You will likely want to choose a chimney specialist that sells fireplace accessories. Screens and grates may need to be replaced occasionally, and it is convenient to obtain these accessories from your chimney specialist. You might also be entitled to receive a discount on a maintenance package deal that includes various accessories.

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    • Chimney specialists often sell fireplace accessories like screens and grates.
      By: dambuster
      Chimney specialists often sell fireplace accessories like screens and grates.