How do I Choose the Best Child Care Online Course?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill
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Man holding computer

To find the best child care online course, you must first figure out exactly what sort of child care training you will need. Check online or with your local board of education to determine what requirements there are in your area for the specific job you would like to obtain. In some cases, a certification course will be all that is needed. Other types of child care may require a two or four year degree.

Once you have determined the minimum local requirements you need, you can then continue looking for the right child care online course for you. You can start by looking into local colleges and universities, as many of these institutions are providing online class options for students. Speak with a student advisor about these options, and discuss which classes or courses can be taken online.

If local schools do not offer any sort of child care online course, you can begin looking through schools in other areas or online-only courses. Do an Internet search, and then make a list of all the schools who offer the kind of coursework you will need. Before you contact any of them or request further information, check the school's credentials with the board of education or another reliable source. Be sure the school is accredited and that graduates will be eligible for licensing in your area.

Once you have narrowed down your list of schools to those that provide adequate training and licensing, find the right child care online course by speaking with an administrator from each school. These individuals will help you get started by asking you questions about your educational background, your personal goals, and the reasons you'd like to attend an online school.

You will also be given plenty of opportunity to discuss your own concerns regarding each school. Ask about class scheduling, grading procedures, employment prospects after graduation, and tuition costs. Some online colleges are not eligible to accept government education funding or scholarships. If this will create a problem for you, you will likely want to attend a school that can accept these forms of tuition assistance.

Keep in mind that not all schools, even if accredited, are created equal. With the emergence of the Internet and online classes, many new schools have been established that offer classes that can be taken from the comfort of home. Be sure you are attending a college that will allow you to work in the child care field you desire by speaking with former students and employers in your area. Ask about employment prospects for graduates of the school, and be wary of any institution that does not seem to follow through with its promises.

Even after finishing your child care online course, you may have to gain additional licensing and training on a more local level. This can include lifesaving techniques and driver's licensing, among others. Be sure to look into these requirements before looking for employment.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer