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How Do I Choose the Best Cherry Dresser?

Nick Mann
Nick Mann

A cherry dresser can offer an elegant appearance that contributes to the overall theme of a bedroom. When choosing a cherry dresser, an individual should take six main factors into account. These include the size, style, storage needs, whether there is a mirror or not, and the price.

The size is one of the most important factors to consider when making a selection. It's important to find a piece of furniture that comfortably fits into a room, while also providing enough storage. Before looking for a dresser, the dimensions of the intended location should be measured. This can be done by using a tape measure to find the length and width of the area. The measurements will provide a guideline for the maximum size of the dresser.

Furniture can be sold in classified ads.
Furniture can be sold in classified ads.

The next aspect to evaluate when looking for a cherry dresser is the style. For example, some people like an antique or vintage style. Others prefer a more contemporary style with sharp edges that have a minimalist feel. One should also decide whether a symmetrical or asymmetrical dresser would be more suitable. Making a choice will ultimately depend on the theme of a room and individual preference.

Storage needs are also an important concern when making a decision. Many simple dressers only offer drawers to hold clothing. Others have additional storage compartments to hold items such as jewelry or other keepsakes. The individual should carefully think about all current and future storage needs when choosing a product.

Another factor to take into account is choosing between a cherry dresser with or without a mirror. For some people a mirror is mandatory, while for others it is merely a hindrance. If the bedroom already has a large or full length mirror, then a dresser mirror probably isn't necessary. A dresser mirror is likely to be a practical addition when there is no other mirror in the room.

The price is an additional factor that needs careful consideration before any actual shopping begins. Many people will be on a limited budget when it comes to choosing a cherry dresser, so it is good to have a price limit in mind. As with many products, higher pricing often means higher quality.

When shopping, there are a few ways to find the optimal dresser. Looking in retail stores can sometimes yield great results, while looking online can provide a larger selection. In addition, looking in local classified ads online or in a newspaper can sometimes unearth a quality dresser at a significantly lower price.

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    • Furniture can be sold in classified ads.
      By: Feng Yu
      Furniture can be sold in classified ads.